Kiefer Sutherland reveals he is unemployed every three months

Kiefer Sutherland is out of work every three months.
The 57-year-old actor starred as Jack Bauer in the Fox drama series '24’ from 2001 to 2010, and admitted it was “much calmer” when he had a routine job.
He told Fox News Digital: "I think '24' for me was a fantastic opportunity because it was the first thing that felt like a real job. I went to work five days a week, eight months to 10 months a year, and then I was lucky enough to do it nine years in a row. So, there was a moment where that made me feel calmer. But I'm back to the every three months I'm out of a job kind of thing."
However, the Emmy Award-winning star - who has been active in Hollywood since the early 1980s and is also a musician - insisted he has been "so fortunate" in his career and didn't want to complain about it but admitted that his success has taken a "wear" on him.
He said: "I've been so fortunate, I'm certainly not going to complain about that. But it does take a certain kind of wear, you know."
Last year, Kiefer admitted he would "never say no" to returning to the role of the counter-terrorism agent in the hit drama series.
He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's the one thing I've learned to never say no to.
"When we finished season eight, I said we were done, and yet we did a season nine. There's a lot of elements that would have to come together to make that happen, but I certainly would not be the reason why it didn't.
""It was one of the greatest experiences I've had in my career, and I loved the character. And I'm so appreciative of the fans that liked it."