Kim Cattrall Credits Her Mother for Teaching Her to "Defend" Herself

"I am thankful to her for teaching me to defend myself and not allow others to control my narrative."

With the cameo to end all cameos clearly in the rear-view mirror, Kim Cattrall is opening up about how she managed to take on her career and life on her own terms — and the person who inspired her to stick to her guns. In a new interview, the actress said that she learned to stand up for herself, her values, and her passions thanks to lessons from her mother, Gladys Baugh. So, if anyone's wondering how a major star steps away from a reboot of a show that made her a household name, credit a great mom.

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Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

"For me, a woman in her 60s, I think that the biggest challenge is to keep being relevant, to keep working, to have something to say. My idol was always my mother," Cattrall said in an interview with Vogue Greece, which was translated via People. "Even though she could never connect to a job that made her happy, and she was depressed and alone for long periods of time, she never lost her spirit."

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Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

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She went on to say that the lesson that she took from her mother is something that young women everywhere should also learn.

"That’s something she passed on to me. I am thankful to her for teaching me to defend myself and not allow others to control my narrative," Cattrall shared. "That is a very important lesson for young women."

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According to Entertainment Tonight, Cattrall opened up about her time on Sex and the City during a chat with Piers Morgan in 2017. During that sit-down, which is often cited as a major behind-the-scenes look at the dynamics between the lead actresses on SATC, Cattrall said that she believed Sarah Jessica Parker "could have been nicer" after Cattrall decided not to appear in a third Sex and the City movie.

"I don’t know what her issue is, I never have," Cattrall said of Parker's reactions to her choice to step away from the role of Samantha Jones. Cattrall also added that she and her co-stars have "never been friends."

Of course, Cattrall returned to the SATC reboot, And Just Like That ... for a quick cameo for the show's much-lauded second season finale. Though she was only on the screen for a few moments, fans celebrated her return — and are still holding out that season 3, which got greenlit by Max after the sophomore season came to an end, will have a bit more Samantha.

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