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Kim Cattrall's 'holy grail' beauty bar is just $3 a pop

If this cleanser is good enough for Samantha Jones, it's good enough for us.

If there’s one person who knows something about being glam, it’s Kim Cattrall — which is probably why Hollywood executives cast her as the star of a show called Glamorous. But she also likes to keep her cleansing routine surprisingly simple — she uses the Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar and it’s just $8 for a 3-pack at Amazon.

Made specifically for people whose skin doesn’t like perfume or harsh ingredients, this soap is mild enough for the face and body. 

$7 at Amazon

Of course, Cattrall will always be Samantha Jones to us, but she brought her signature style and aspirational beauty to her role as a supermodel turned cosmetics company CEO in the Netflix show called Glamorous. When someone like her spends that much time in front of the camera, you know she has her beauty routine down. It’s her job to be gorgeous using all the best products and, of course, she recognizes that the signs of aging do eventually catch up with us.

“It’s not just a vanity thing,” the former Sex and the City star told the Sunday Times. “I play a certain kind of woman who looks a certain kind of way. And professionally I am looking after myself.”

She admits that she may have pooh-poohed cosmetic enhancements in her 40s, but she’s quick to give herself some grace. “I’m all about battling aging in every way I can,” she said. “There are so many other alternatives now, treatments that stimulate your own body to fight aging. [But] it can’t be emphasized enough. You want to look like you!”

Even if that was a down-to-earth comment, we still expected her favorite products to be wildly expensive and exclusive, and we were shocked and maybe a little awed that the Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar is on her list.

When asked about her “holy grail” beauty products, she simply said, “Dove bar soap for sensitive skin.”

Actress Kim Cattrall, left, and a picture of Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar.
“As you know, I have always loved my body just the way it is.” — Kim Cattrall playing the role of Samantha Jones

This soap is mild enough for the face and body — it’s made specifically for people whose skin doesn’t respond well to perfume or harsh ingredients. More than 48,000 Amazon shoppers agree.

The BEST bar soap ever!” gushed a rave reviewer. “Dove unscented can’t be beat. I tried a few of the other very expensive unscented bars. One had palm oil so I stopped using it. The other left a white film on my body. Dove unscented is REASONABLY priced compared to the others out there, feels luxurious, has NO scent, rinses clean (no sticky feeling), lathers well, and feels good when using. And the shape of the bar ensures that it dries easily.”

Cattrall’s secret for a swanlike neck? “If you don’t know anything about lighting, you should learn,” she told the Sunday Times. “Go to the light.”

Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, this soap is beloved by more than 48,000 Amazon shoppers who have given it a five-star rating.

$7 at Amazon

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