Kim Kardashian Taking A Mirror Selfie While Kanye West Eats KFC On The Couch Is a BIG Mood

Kristin Salaky

From Delish

Sometimes I feel like Kimberly Kardashian West would take one look at me and I would turn to dust because she is so chic and rich and I am so...not and not. But other times, I feel we would be best friends, and her recent Instagram selfie adventure to KFC is one of those times.

Photo credit: Kim Kardashian - Instagram

She and husband Kanye West were in Paris and visited the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion house, according to PEOPLE. They also decided to pay a visit to another establishment while in the city of lights: KFC. She aptly captioned photo of the trip "JPG & KFC."

Her Instagram story showed she and Kanye ordering from the self check-out kiosk at KFC. It's not clear exactly what they ordered, but Kim can be heard in the video asking him to add fries (because, as we all know, she is plant-based now!!).

We also know that they ended up with a bucket of chicken because in the photo mentioned above, Kim is taking a selfie while Kanye sits on the fanciest couch I've ever seen and enjoys a bucket of chicken. I can somehow relate to both of them in that moment. Just pretend I made a meme out of that photo that says "my two moods." Because it's true.

Their trip also made headlines because Kim and Kanye showed some rare PDA in an elevator on the way up to their hotel room and because, well, Kanye left Kim to deal with their shopping bags when getting off said elevator. Just another day in the life!!

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