Kim Kardashian’s black bob haircut and 90s ‘brows are the ultimate throwback

kim kardashian wet look fringe
Kim’s throwback pics are proof she ages backwardsJames Devaney - Getty Images

Next time you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, pay attention to celebrity pictures. Sometimes, I’ll find myself double tapping what I thought was a recent picture – until I realise it’s actually a teen throwback pic and said celeb just never had an awkward ugly stage.

Kim Kardashian is a prime culprit for looking more put together and sophisticated at 13 than I ever have. She has simply always been that girl. Reminding us of this, the reality star just posted a bunch of old snaps on Instagram to celebrate her oldest friendships, sharing a full gallery of pictures spanning 30 years, writing: "Lifers Appreciation Post, Life is better when you have your lifers! Allison, Simone, Zoe, Lindsay, Sarah, Ashley 💋♾️."

Swiping through the decades, we see Kim go from 90s lilac shadow – looking uncannily like her daughter Chicago – right through to more recent peroxide snaps, but the one that really stopped us in our tracks? In the 8th slide Kim is sporting a totally 90's choppy bob, gelled into strands and of course with butterfly clips. Combined with that bold lip and the skinniest of brows, she looks like an extra from 10 Things I Hate About You. And I'm so here for it.

Getting a better look at the makeup, we dug up this throwback shared in 2021 that appears to be around the same time from that lipstick and those adorable red butterfly clips. I can honestly just imagine Kim popping into Claire’s to pick those up. And I’m so happy to see the skinny brows stayed, too.

kim kardashian throwback picture skinny 90s eyebrows
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Given the ongoing 90s and 00s revival, and with 2023 being the year of the bob, I hope and I pray that this chaotic, gelled, butterfly clipped bob style makes a comeback.

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