Kim Petras says Paris Hilton is 'such a supportive person'

Kim Petras says Paris Hilton is “such a supportive person”.
The ‘Malibu’ hitmaker adores the 41-year-old heiress - who starred in the song's music video - and labelled her “a little bit of a fairy godmother”
The 29-year-old singer told In The Know by Yahoo for the April cover story: "She has just been such a supportive person for me. I mean, that music video that she's in? I didn't really have a budget [to book her], so her agreeing to be in it was amazing. I had, like, no followers, and I had no proof of concept. I had just put out a single, and ever since then she has just kind of been a little bit of a fairy godmother to me. She just really gets it and has been saying such nice things about my music and posting my music. I love her for that. I also think she's one of the sweetest people I've ever met. I'm always inspired by how kind and nice she is to everybody she meets. She's just a big inspiration. She's so smart, and she gets up every day and does a million, trillion things and is so efficient. She's also kind of ahead of her time. So, yeah, that was crazy. I feel very honored that she asked me to do that, and it was something I'll never forget."
Kim longs to “inspire people to be themselves” after she grew up without a career road map to follow as a transgender woman.
She said: "I think about just who I am as a person, and how trapped and not understood and outside of society my childhood and my teen years felt. I just want to inspire people to be themselves because it took me a long time to dare to. [...] Hopefully there are more trans artists in the future and [more of] any kind of artist who [have felt] like they have no chance because they never saw anyone like themselves on TV. Now it's a different world, and it's amazing to be part of it."