King Charles's return to public outings marks significant moment, but uncertainty remains

After a difficult few months we have a more positive picture from the Palace.

A personal moment of the King and Queen released with the news he can now return to public duties.

It's the details he will be delighted to share.

Not only are his medics "encouraged" with his progress, and "positive" about his recovery, they're also happy he can get back to work.

And for a man who is widely reported to be a workaholic, this will be wholly welcome.

This was not how he'd imagined the first year after his coronation.

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He knows from his late mother's mantra, a monarch has to be seen to be believed.

But his cancer diagnosis changed everything.

The royal year so meticulously mapped out was put on pause with unprecedented and huge uncertainty.

The King's constitutional work has continued, but the public outings were stopped.

His family has stepped up to support him, and protocols were in place should the need arise.

But it has been an incredibly challenging time for the House of Windsor.

News of the Princess of Wales's cancer diagnosis a double blow for the family.

There remains a lot of uncertainty; the King won't return to full duties, and his engagements will be adapted to reduce the risk while he recovers. There's also no confirmation yet about the big set piece events like Trooping the Colour or an overseas state visit.

But this is a significant moment. And the King's return to public work will start with a personally poignant visit, as he and the Queen meet patients and staff at a cancer treatment centre.