My Kitchen Rules contestants axed for 'unacceptable behaviour'

Emma Shepherd

An all-girl team has been kicked off the set of My Kitchen Rules for unacceptable behaviour after having a heated argument off camera with an all-boys team.

“The women were walking past the room that the guys were in," an insider told The Daily Telegraph. "They said they overheard someone inside saying something particularly insensitive about a young boy with special needs, and the women started banging on the door and went them."

The two male contestants that on next year's season who are belived to be involved in the altercation. Source: Supplied

The disagreement took place in a hotel in Launceston when one team passed the other's hotel room, and the fiery feud was then witnessed by hotel staff according to the source.

It's understood that the teams have had many on-screen fights before the altercation in the hotel took place.

There was a meeting that took place with the cast and the crew as soon as the production got back to Sydney.

Manu Fiedel and Pete Evans will be hosting next year's series. Source: Supplied

“That that behaviour was well beyond the limits of what is deemed acceptable," the insider revealed.

While Seven's head of publicity, Susan Wood, told the publication that "Someone crossed a line that shouldn't be crossed."

My Kitchen Rules starts January 29, 2018. Source: Supplied

The network had to make an executive decision to axe the women from the show, however they will be appearing in the early episodes.

The new season will kick-off with a bang on January 29, 2018.

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