Kiwi stuns cricket world with incredible 'mystery ball'

New Zealand spinner Mitchell Santner is the talk of the cricket world after bamboozling a batsman with a sensational 'mystery ball'.

Santner left Pakistani batsman Fakhar Zaman completely dumbfounded in the fourth ODI between the sides when he produced an incredible delivery that spun the wrong way and bowled him.

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The left-arm off-spinner managed to get the ball to spin like a leg break - or a chinaman delivery for a lefty - missing Fakhar's bat by a mile and knocking over his leg stump.

Santner celebrates his wicket. Image: Getty

As you can see in the video above, Santner held the ball almost like a baseball 'knuckleball', before delivering it out the front of his hand like a carrom ball you'd see from India's Ravi Ashwin.

"This looks like it's almost seamed," said one commentator.

Incredible! Image: Sky Sport NZ

"Its seamed and gone away!"

Fans and pundits took to social media with praise for Santner's efforts.