Kmart shopper rages at 'disgusting' discount find

The woman said she was 'mortified' after noticing the item during her recent visit.

A Kmart shopper has taken the retailer to task on social media after stumbling upon a "disgusting" find at her local store. The shopper said she was "mortified" by what she found on a clearance rack: a pair of pyjama pants with a sizeable reddish brown stain situated perilously close to the crotch area of the pants.

"Mortified by this for sale in our local Kmart," the customer wrote online alongside photos of the garment she unearthed at Kmart in Rosny, Tasmania. In the series of pics, she revealed the stain extended to the inside of the pants when she turned them inside out.

Soiled item for sale at Kmart
A shopper was 'mortified' to discover a stained item for sale at Kmart. Source: Facebook

Attached to the garment was a yellow discount label, classifying it as "Soiled/Damaged/Faulty Merchandise" and reducing the price from $6 to $3. The half-price markdown was attributed to a "stain on front centre".

Kmart shoppers rage at stained item

Fellow Kmart customers were overwhelmingly repulsed by the shocking find. "Ewwww, that should have been put in the bin immediately," one shopper exclaimed on Facebook. "So disgusting and unhygienic," wrote another, while someone else chimed in with, "That's either lazy, greedy, or plain stupid."

"Do they really need that $3?" one shopper pondered, while many more questioned how Kmart thought it was acceptable to sell a garment in such condition.

Speculation about the origin of the stain abounded, with some people suspecting it was caused by bodily fluid, and others leaning toward a spilled beverage as the cause of the unsightly mark.

Kmart storefront
Kmart's policies have been called into question over the stained pyjamas. Source: Getty

The shocking discovery led to discussions about Kmart's policies and hygiene standards, however some shoppers claimed people were overreacting. "A couple of good washes and good to go. Calm down, people," one Kmart fan remarked.

Kmart responds to backlash

In response to the public outcry, a spokesperson for Kmart told Yahoo News that the item should never have been made available for sale, regardless of any discounts. "We are looking into how this took place," the spokesperson said, "as selling an item in this state is against our store procedures and standards at Kmart."

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