Kmart shoppers 'obsessed' with $49 'secret' clothes dryer

Cold spring mornings or last minute washes no longer need to leave your laundry hanging.

As the days get warmer, you'd think our laundry woes would become a next-winter worry. But let's be real, chilly spring mornings can still throw a dampener on our clothes-drying game. That's why Kmart shoppers are obsessing over a 'secret' $49 laundry product the retailer promises to be the ultimate solution to all your not-quite-dry clothes conundrums.

The portable heated clothes dryer is not just a hanger; it's your laundry's new life-saver. With a clever cloth cover that zips up snugly around your clothes and a heater function that you can set to a timer, this nifty gadget can have your clothes crisp and dry in just 1-2 hours.

Kmart clothes dryer
Kmart's portable clothes dryer is simple to set up and folds down for convenient storage. Photo: TikTok/Kmart Australia


Kmart recently spilled the beans on this little-known gem via TikTok, proudly declaring that the "alien-looking" clothes dryer is no longer their best-kept secret. They've decided to let the world in on the game-changing laundry hack.

In a brief demonstration of the dryer's setup, the narrator explains, "It's a portable clothes dryer, zip it up in this case, turn on a timer and it dries your wet clothes in 1-2 hours. I don't have a dryer, this keeps me organised to count on my clothes being dry when I need them."

Kmart portable clothes dryer
The portable clothes dryer has a zip-on the tent cover to circulate hot air around your clothes. Photo: Kmart

Social media users were quick to chime in with their excitement about the product.

"I have a dryer, but I still want this??! Kmart, damn, pulling out the goods!" exclaimed one user.

"I love mine!" chimed in another, "hang my work shirts and I don't have to iron them anymore!!"

"I had one of these when I was living in shared living with no dryer - the best!!!!" A third person agreed, "I loved it especially during the winter months."

Others came up with some creative alternative uses for the dryer stand.

"Hear me out….. towel warmer in winter!!!" one person suggested, with others chiming in that it would also be good for school uniforms or could even double as a heater.

But not everyone was ready to jump on the drying bandwagon. Concerns ranged from potential fire hazards and electricity usage, to worries about clothes shrinking and the dreaded prospect of household mould.

"When Kmart 'took this product is fire' literally." One person laughed.

"And it comes with a free house fire," another person agreed, a sentiment echoed by countless more. "It's a big no from me," someone else said.

Amongst the safety concerns and criticism, someone suggested a novel idea that could be equally as effective.

"1-2 hours? You ever heard of the sun? Works just as fast."

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