Kmart shopper's ‘perfect’ kitchen hack using unusual $12 item: 'Love mine'

Using bathroom products in the kitchen is a genius idea.

A Kmart shopper has just shared a genius way to organise your coffee and tea station in the kitchen. The budget retailer has quickly become the go-to place for shoppers looking for storage and organisational solutions.

If you’re sick of using canisters to store coffee and tea, why not grab Kmart’s $12 modular brush storage box? The clear box comes with a lid attached by a hinge and is intended for makeup brush storage.

Since it’s modular, you can actually use other modular options to stack multiple products together, creating a larger and customised setup. It’s also great that it’s see-through, so you can easily view the product inside.

L: Kmart modular container with makeup brushes in it on a white background. R: Kmart modular container with coffee sachets in it
It's not the intended use, but this makeup brush holder fits coffee sachets perfectly. Photo: Kmart & Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks

“Kmart’s $12 makeup brush storage box fits the coffee sachets perfectly, it will hold 30 easy,” the shopper wrote on a Kmart Facebook group. “It’s such a good idea, [there are] so many uses for this product.”


In her snap of the product sitting on her kitchen bench, you can see many single serves of Nescafe’s creamy mocha drink in easy reach.

While the shopper used hers for just one type of coffee, you could actually use each compartment for a different drink – like coffee, tea, single servings of sugar, creamer etc.

Another Kmart fan shared their setup, with the bright idea of using the modular storage container for different types of coffee pods.

L: Coffee pods in Kmart's modular storage container. R: Coffee sachets and tea bags in Kmart modular storage container.
It's easy to organise your kitchen using Kmart's bathroom products. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks

Kmart fans went wild over the makeup storage container idea, with some convinced they needed this item in their house.

“They [can] hold four different types of tea and coffee, I love mine,” one person wrote.

“Oh wow, I love that idea as we use pods and sachets in this house as we have a coffee corner,” another said.

“That’s actually a really cool idea. Might have to do this myself lol,” a third chimed in.

“Not that I needed another thing in my house, but love this! Brought pretty canisters but they won’t close, so this is perfect,” another added.

This would be a great storage solution for spices. Photo: Kmart
This would be a great storage solution for spices. Photo: Kmart

The budget retailer has plenty of other modular storage options in the bathroom section that can be used to tidy up your kitchen.

There’s a modular double tiered stand which would set you back just $7, and would be a great place to stack spices or seasonings. Looking for a clear container to store some snacks? The $18 tall clear drawer would do the trick.


If you’re wanting to store kitchen items underneath your coffee, tea and hot chocolate station – perhaps some mini marshmallows or teaspoons – the flat modular drawer organiser is only $9 and it would help you maximise your space.

Once you start to think outside the box, there’s a huge range of organisational hacks to discover.

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