Kmart shopper's plus size coat sparks intense online debate: 'Read the room'

Social media was outraged by the plus-sized complaint.

Kmart's Curve Long Sleeve Trench Coat is available in sizes 18-26. Photo: Kmart
Kmart's Curve Long Sleeve Trench Coat is available in sizes 18-26. Photo: Kmart

A recent social media post has ignited a heated discussion about the availability of plus-sized clothing in retail stores, particularly at Kmart. What started as a simple request for a coat to be made available in smaller sizes turned into a fierce debate about inclusivity and representation.

The post, shared by a disappointed shopper, expressed frustration with the limited sizing options of a trench coat in the plus-sized section. "I saw these today and they feel gorgeous. I'm upset that they are only in the 18-26 sizes. Come on Kmart. They should be available for all sizes," she wrote.

However, her complaint unleashed a flurry of responses from other group members, some of whom passionately pointed out the scarcity of stylish options for plus-sized individuals.


"There's so much nice stuff that's not available in the bigger sizes," one commenter noted, with another adding, "finally plus-size people get an option that isn't second best to regular sizes, and you're complaining? Check your privilege!"

Another member echoed this sentiment, saying, "I was just thinking this, it's not often that the curve range has nice things that the standard range doesn't have, but the opposite always happens."

"Straight sizes get all the cute sh*t, I can't feel bad that you miss out on one thing, when we miss out on 96% of clothes sold in stores."

The debate heated up as some members criticised the original poster for what they saw as a total lack of understanding about the challenges faced by plus-sized individuals.

"All the other clothes everywhere that are readily available in smaller sizes, why pick this one thing to complain about? Read the room," one commenter urged.

Other members threw shade at the Kmart customer, suggesting she was out of touch with the struggles of plus-sized shoppers.

"Let us big ladies have something for just us! It's normally the other way around!" exclaimed one member, calling for more inclusive fashion choices. Someone else chimed in, "be fair! It's about time they put some effort into the plus sizes. The rest of the store is devoted to the 6-16s."

Elaborating on the glaring disparity in clothing options between regular and plus sizes, one person highlighted the stark contrast, pointing out, "We get 2 aisles opposed to the other 20 for everyone else."

Some group members suggested a similar trench coat from Kmart's standard size range. Photo: Kmart
Some group members suggested a similar trench coat from Kmart's standard size range. Photo: Kmart

Sarcastic remarks across the board captured the frustration of plus-sized individuals with limited fashion choices. "Have you seen the plus-size's shameful! I'd rather have all your options over one coat that feels nice."

"Here's a garbage bag and a mumu, pick one," another commenter quipped, making light of the dismal truth behind the lack of stylish options.

Meanwhile, several shoppers did attempt to assist by recommending similar options from Kmart's standard size range.

"Nine times out of ten, whatever they have in the curve range they have a similar standard option," one person pointed out, linking to a $45 lightweight trench coat also available from the retailer.


However, not all responses were as empathetic. Another person chimed in, "I'm sure there's a million other options in the smaller sizes.'"

Finally, one group member added a dose of reality for shoppers who don't fit standard sizing.

"Plus-size people are crying out for more options and representation. Please don't make out like you're being hard done by," they said, with a sigh, "now you know how we feel all the damn time."

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