Kourtney Kardashian is unrecognisable with this micro fringe and spider lashes

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Kourtney's micro gradient fringe is transformativeJeff Kravitz - Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian Barker has certainly lent into her rock and punk side since being with rockstar husband Travis Barker, but her latest beauty look is next level. Honestly, if it wasn't on the second slide of her post, I'd have thought this was Doja Cat. In fact, despite it being on the second slide of her post my brain still briefly registered it as Doja Cat.

In a series of BTS shots for her vitamin and supplement brand, Lemme, Kourt debuted a look you'd expect behind the counter in Hot Topic. Her face is framed by a rough-cut micro fringe in her trademark jet black hue, rising up in the centre for a subtle gradient. The bold fringe is almost reached by her long spidery XXL lashes, fanned up in contrasting lengths for an extra dose of punk. She honestly looks like she could front a screamo band.

I was so caught up in the fringe and lashes that it was only on my 357th look that I realised her glossy lips weren't the only red in this bold look. The eldest Kar-Jenner sister was wearing spooky red contacts, completing the generally out-there look.

Honestly, we need to know, did North West creative direct this look because it's giving artistic genius?

Swiping through the post you're met with trampolines and giant pink cinnamon buns and beauty-wise Kourt goes to the other end of the spectrum and sports bubble braids fastened with multi-coloured butterfly clips, and we have to applaud the range. We love seeing her stepping into her expressive era and can confirm that for today at least, she's certainly the *most* interesting to look at.

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