Kristen Bell Shares Painful-Looking Jujitsu Injury Caused By Daughter

Kristen Bell said she “took some teeth to the nose” during a jujitsu session with her 8-year-old daughter, Delta.

“You should see the other guy!!!!” the “Frozen” star joked Tuesday on Instagram.

Bell shared video and photos of her injury online.

She reassured fans: “Will recover.”

Check out the post:

Bell’s post prompted followers to recall their own painful incidents with their kids, including one whose nose was broken after their 18-month-old threw their head back in a tantrum.

Let’s hope Bell didn’t ask for treatment from her husband, Dax Shepard, though.

In 2022, Bell revealed to late night host Jimmy Kimmel how Shepard likes to be his own doctor. She recalled busting him trying to remove a damaged toenail with an industrial Dremel. She convinced him to swap it for a smaller tool she uses on her nails. “He likes to do it himself, he’s a (real) DIYer when it comes to medical stuff,” Bell said at the time.