Kristin Cavallari Reveals She ‘Dodged a Bullet’ With Diddy

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images/Phillip Faraone/Variety via Getty Images
Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images/Phillip Faraone/Variety via Getty Images

Kristin Cavallari “dodged a bullet” by turning down a date with Sean “Diddy” Combs, she revealed on her podcast on Tuesday.

On the new episode of Let’s Be Honest With Kristin Cavallari, the former reality TV star was discussing past dating stories with various men, some of whom she named and some she didn’t. At one point, her friend and frequent podcast guest Justin Anderson asked her, “Wait, why can’t you share the story about… the massive Valentine’s Day? Can’t you just say his name?”

“He’s not a good look right now. Do you know all the shit going on?” Cavallari replied.

“I can say it, it’s not a big deal,” Anderson said. When Cavallari gave him the go-ahead, he continued, “P. Diddy. Puff Daddy…. I didn’t really look into it but yeah, he’s in hot water right now.”

“It’s bad,” the Laguna Beach and The Hills alum agreed. “Well, I dodged a fucking bullet there!”

Combs is currently embroiled in several lawsuits stemming from sexual assault charges. In November, singer Cassie sued her former record label boss and boyfriend, alleging that he used his power to subject her to years of physical and sexual violence. Cassie and Combs settled that suit, but more women have since filed lawsuits against him with claims of sexual assault and rape. Combs has denied all of the allegations.

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On her podcast, Cavallari, now 37, shared the story of how Combs asked her out when she was in her early twenties.

“OK, so one Valentine’s Day, I was 22, I believe,” she began. “We had a mutual friend, he got my number, whatever. He sent me the biggest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever seen. The biggest box of chocolates I’ve ever seen. A huge teddy bear. All of his tequila, because he had a tequila brand at the time, I don’t know if he still does. [Note: Combs is co-owner of both the Cîroc vodka brand and DeLeón Tequila] And I mean, it was like, holy shit. I mean, it was like multiple people bringing shit into my house. It was like shit you see in a movie.”

“And then he told me he had a TV crush on me and he wanted to take me out,” she continued. “And I just sort of kept poo-pooing it, and then I finally said no.”

When Anderson asked Cavallari if there was any part of her that was interested in him, she replied, “I mean, there’s obviously a part where you’re like, whoa, this guy is spoiling the shit out of me. Like that’s so sweet, and I’ve never met this guy. Imagine if I was in a relationship with him, like how sweet it would be—at the time, because I was 21. Now, as an adult, I’m like, red fucking flag! And clearly. I mean, that’s some love-bombing kind of shit.”

“Did you ever say anything to him?” Anderson asked.

“We talked a little bit. I mean, he kept asking me out!” Cavallari said. “And I think I was just… I think at first I was just like, ‘oh, yeah, haha,” that kind of thing.”

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She then insinuated the reason she turned Combs down was because she didn’t find him attractive.

“And I’ve got a lot of stories like that, you guys, where I could never just go on a date with someone because it was so-and-so,” she said. “Like, I literally always have had to be attracted to you.”

That prompted a discussion about how, according to Cavallari, “people always date all the time in Hollywood because it makes you a bigger celebrity.” She, however, says she has never wanted to just “be the arm candy.”

“That’s the thing, is people will do anything to be famous,” she said. “I mean, there are fake relationships all the time. … It’d be like if I actually went down the P. Diddy road, because it was going to make me more famous. It’s like, you do it because you know in the back of your mind, it’s good for your career.”

Judging by the way things have been going for Combs during the past few months, Cavallari’s spidey senses were spot-on.

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