Kristin Chenoweth marries Josh Bryant: 'I never planned for this!"

Kristin Chenoweth has married Josh Bryant.
The 55-year-old Broadway star admitted that she had spent her life always believing that marriage would "never" be on the cards but tied the knot with musician Josh, 39, in a Texas ceremony over the weekend after five years of dating.
She told People: "I have been a self-proclaimed bachelorette my whole life. I was never going to get married. I even got engaged before and couldn't do it. Until I met Josh. Then I was like, ‘Why would I ever let this guy" go?’ I’m so blessed."
The 'Schmigadoon' star - who is probably best known for originating the role of Glinda the Good Witch in the smash-hit musical 'Wicked' - opted to wear a pink dress as opposed to white in an effort to highlight the "non-traditional" element of the ceremony.
She added: "I didn’t want to wear white.Simple and elegant. I never thought I’d get married, so I went very nontraditional with the gown. I love it. We exchanged a form of traditional vows. But I'm not saying 'Obey!'"
Ahead of the ceremony, Kristin- who met Josh when he was performing with his band at her niece's wedding - explained that she wanted to "look and feel" like herself on her wedding day and wanted Josh to be able to see the woman he had been in a relationship with as opposed to a caricature.
She said: "On that day, I want to look and feel like Kristin, and I want Josh to see the girl that he has been with for five years. I'm going to look glamorous and all that, but my hair isn't going to be up to heaven, even though we'll be in Texas. It's going to look like me."