Kyle and Jackie O caller reveals surprising supermarket item people always steal

An undercover security guard has revealed the creative way people are smuggling out a particular food item.

An undercover security guard has revealed to Kyle and Jackie O the item that people are most likely to steal in a supermarket, and it's not the more expensive toiletry items you'd think people would try to pocket.

Calling into the Kyle & Jackie O Show on KIIS FM, the woman who works as an undercover loss prevention officer for a major supermarket chain had both Kyle and Jackie O guessing what grocery item was most often targeted, with both incorrectly making their predictions.

With Kyle initially guessing razor blades, and Jackie leaning towards shoplifters stealing tampons, the caller revealed it wasn't an everyday toiletry item — in fact, it was a barbecue chicken.

Kyle and Jackie O
Kyle and Jackie O were left gobsmacked over an undercover security guard's admission that people most often try to steal roast chickens. Photo:


Things got more alarming when Jackie queried where the thieves were hiding the chicken when trying to get away without paying for it.

"Two of the ones that I stopped, [put the chicken] down their pants," the undercover guard admitted.

With Jackie left shocked, Kyle had an important follow-up question about what kind of pants the thieves would be wearing in order to try and discreetly smuggle a chook out.

A woolies roast chook
A Kyle and Jackie O caller has revealed that people try and smuggle roast chickens out of supermarkets, sometimes in their pants. Photo: Woolworths


"Trackies. Big trackies," the guard confirmed.

Coles barbecue chooks currently retail between $12-13 per hot barbecue chicken, with Woolworths also usually retailing at the $12 mark. Woolies recently slashed its prices down to $10.90 for a flash sale, with the special ending on August 29.

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