Lamborghini with 'crime pays' number plates among £6m in assets seized from cocaine dealers

From left to right: Leon Lay, Dale Martin and Daniel Harris have all been sent to jail. (SWNS)

A Lamborghini with 'crime pays' number plates was among £6m worth of assets seized from county lines dealers who flooded the UK with cocaine.

Leon Ley, 34, Dale Martin, 28, and Daniel Harris, 40, were part of a criminal gang that trafficked an estimated 50kg of drugs from London and Essex to Wales.

Confiscated assets included the Lamborghini and a Range Rover as well as luxury caravans and cash.

As part of their investigation police recovered number plates from one carrying the slogan "crime pays".

In 2021, Ley was jailed for 11 years and three months and Martin 12 years. Their partner Harris received a 16-year sentence.

One of the gang previously drove a car bearing this 'Crime Pays' registration plate. (SWNS)
One of the gang previously drove a car bearing this 'crime pays' registration plate. (SWNS)

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A court in Swansea heard the group had made £6m in proceeds from their criminal behaviour.

As none of the men had this amount available for repayment, they were ordered to pay a total of £267,957 to make up for their activities.

South Wales Police has said it expects additional confiscations worth around £1m to take place.

This Lamborghini was among the assets confiscated. (SWNS)
This Lamborghini was among the assets confiscated. (SWNS)

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Jo Williams, South Wales Police’s financial investigator, who secured the orders, said: "The suspects were convicted previously and received substantial sentences, so to follow on with this incredible level of orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act is fantastic and really moves towards disrupting organised crime groups.

"We also secured an image of the number plate Daniel Harris was using back in 2011 when he was subject of another investigation, Operation Cougar.

"As can be seen, at that time his private number plate had the words 'crime pays', something which I'm sure he now regrets."