Latrell Mitchell in 'tough' meeting with NRL boss as Souths take action amid furore

The Rabbitohs fullback has sat down with Andrew Abdo to discuss 'issues with his behaviour'.

Latrell Mitchell has met with NRL boss Andrew Abdo for a 'tough' conversation in which the South Sydney star was reminded of his responsibilities by the top official. Mitchell has made unwanted headlines in recent weeks - first for commenting on the Spencer Leniu racism case before it went to the judiciary, and then for an expletive-laden post-match interview on Triple M radio.

Despite calls for the NRL to sanction the Rabbitohs fullback, Abdo instead decided to have a face-to-face with Mitchell to lay down the law. Mitchell was summoned to the Rugby League Central office in Moore Park on Wednesday night to discuss the situation with Abdo.

Latrell Mitchell, Andrew Abdo and Nick Pappas.
Latrell Mitchell (centre) has met with NRL boss Andrew Abdo (L), while Souths chairman Nick Pappas (R) has spoken out. Image: Getty/AAP

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Abdo said it was a "tough and honest" conversation. "I explained what's expected of him as an NRL player and the issues with his behaviour of the last few weeks which can't be repeated," Abdo said. "He acknowledged this and we agreed to continue to work together on some important issues impacting the game."


NRL boss rejects ugly claims around Latrell Mitchell

Abdo was forced to address claims Mitchell was being given preferential treatment earlier this week around the fact he wasn't handed a fine. "We've proven over the past that when a player breaches the rules and we believe it warrants a breach action, we take it," he said.

"Equally, we've been accused of being too harsh on players. Everyone will have their view on that. I'm really comfortable with where this sits, and I'm comfortable with the action that we're taking at the moment.

"I think it's important to note that I will always catch up with a player. There's always been an open invitation to catch up with any player or official in the game from time to time on a range of matters.

"We have a number of high-profile players, and Latrell is one of them. He's a role model, he's a leader, and if there's an opportunity to engage with him and work with him on a range of issues confronting the game, then I wouldn't be doing my job if I wasn't doing that."

Souths chairman Nick Pappas addresses Latrell Mitchell storm

Meanwhile, South Sydney chairman Nick Pappas has revealed the club is "dealing with" Mitchell and his indiscretions. “The club internally is dealing with him appropriately,” Pappas told The Daily Telegraph.

“I am satisfied that the football department and (chief executive) Blake (Solly) are putting the right things in place to give him the support he needs at this time. I have every faith in him delivering for this club this season and beyond.

“He always has our support. At the same time it doesn’t mean I don’t believe that moment could have been handled better. Absolutely it could have been and I am sure Latrell would say that.”

Latrell Mitchell.
Latrell Mitchell looks on before a game for South Sydney in the NRL.

NRL savaged over response to Latrell Mitchell controversy

The NRL's response to the situation surrounding Mitchell has sparked widespread uproar. And the furore descended even further on Tuesday when it came to light that the NRL had actually sanctioned Triple M in light of the interview with Mitchell.

South Sydney and Channel 9 reportedly complained to the NRL about the fact Triple M have been filming on-field interviews and posting them on social media. The NRL found that Triple M have actually been breaching broadcast rules because they only have radio rights, not video. Souths took exception to Mitchell's interview being filmed and posted online, which undoubtedly made it go more viral than if it was only heard on radio.