Lee Ryan ‘arrested after alleged plane row’

Lee Ryan has reportedly been arrested after allegedly going “berserk” on a plane.
The Blue singer, 39, is said to have been abusive to cabin crew and refused to sit when they would not serve him a drink.
A spokesperson for the Met Police said on Monday night (01.08.22): “At around 16.40hrs on Sunday, 31 July, officers met a flight that had arrived at London City Airport from Glasgow.
“A 39-year-old man was arrested for a public order offence. He was taken into custody at an East London police station and was released under investigation the following day.”
The Sun reported on Monday night (01.08.22) passengers claimed Ryan grew disruptive during the flight from Glasgow to London City, delaying it by 20 minutes as he was arrested after it landed.
One passenger told the publication: “Never mind singing with Blue, he turned the air blue with his language.
“He became aggressive with the air hostesses once it became clear he wouldn’t get given alcohol. At one point he left his seat and started walking up and down the aisle despite being told to sit down — he even ran behind the cabin crew curtains. It was crazy behaviour.”
Another traveller added: “The way he acted was really intimidating.”
Cabin staff were said by The Sun to have radioed ahead before police boarded the BA flight in London on Sunday.
He was said to have been handcuffed and bundled off the jet into a waiting police van on the runway.
Ryan also reportedly spent the night in a cell and was released from custody on Sunday (31.07.22) pending further investigations, apparently spending well over 12 hours in custody.
Ryan formed Blue in 2000 with Antony Costa, Duncan James and Simon Webbe, with the group selling 14 million records.