Leeds: Baby found dead in pub toilets likely 'stillborn' as police say case 'not a criminal inquiry'

Police have launched a safeguarding inquiry for a mother to come forward after a baby girl was "stillborn" in a pub's toilets in Leeds.

It comes after officers found the newborn at the Three Horse Shoes pub in Oulton at around 4.45pm on Sunday.

The baby was pronounced dead at the scene.

In a fresh appeal to the mother on Monday, Detective Chief Inspector James Entwistle of West Yorkshire Police said: "I'm not here to arrest you. I'm not here to arrest anyone else.

"This is a safeguarding inquiry, this is not a criminal inquiry.

"This is a safeguarding inquiry to make sure she (the mother) is okay and to make sure we do everything to stop it happening to anyone else."

He said from the information he has of the incident so far, it looked like the baby was stillborn, with the birth having taken place within a bathroom cubicle.

"Until I can speak to the mother, I don't know anything for sure," DCI Entwistle said.

Karen Sykes, head of safeguarding at Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, also spoke directly to the mother, asking her to urgently seek medical help and advice.

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"We are really concerned about your medical, physical and emotional wellbeing at this point in time," she said.

"You can either go to your GP, but if you don't feel comfortable going to your GP, come to one of our emergency departments."

On Sunday, the pub apologised to everyone that was there at the time of the incident and to those who had their bookings cancelled.

"We're sure there's speculation of something that happened at our establishment this evening," a statement on Facebook read.

"All I can say at the minute is I'm sorry to everyone that was in with us during the time this happened and to all that was due to come in and couldn't.

"A massive thank you to those that helped us whilst we were struggling as a team it really doesn't go unappreciated.

"Lots of love Team Three Horse Shoes."