Leonardo Di Caprio And Jeff Goldblum 'Won' The Super Bowl Reactions On The Big Screen

super bowl lviii jeff goldblum
The Funniest Super Bowl Big Screen Reactions Rob Carr - Getty Images

Unless you've been fast asleep all morning, you'll know that the Super Bowl LVIII final took place at the Allegiant Stadium in Nevada, Las Vegas on Sunday night. Between Usher's half-time performance, Taylor Swift being joined by Blake Lively and Ice Spice as they all cheered on Travis Kelche, and the Kansas City Chiefs' victory, the event was not short of entertainment.

And while we can't quite get over Swift's Easter Egg-filled outfit and Hailey Bieber's long hair debut, the Internet is currently obsessing over some celebrities big screen reactions - namely Leonardo Di Caprio and Jeff Goldblum - and with good reason too.


Two very different reactions to appearing on the big screen, Di Caprio was filmed shying away from the jumbotron camera, lowering his head while wearing a cap and making it near impossible to see his facial expression.

Goldblum, on the other hand, welcomed the camera with smiles, waves, and an adorable love heart hand sign.

Here are the best Twitter reactions of the moment:

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