Leslie Jordan's gets speedy proposal from boyfriend

'Will & Grace' star Leslie Jordan's new partner proposed to him after just three days.
The 62-year-old actor was previously in a long-term relationship but he's now moved on with a younger guy, and they felt such a connection when they finally met after previously communicating online, they are planning to marry.
In an interview in the new issue of Gay Times magazine, he said: "I had straight boys that I kept for years. My generation did that ... I was with one for 10 years.
"Now I have a guy whose 20 years younger than me, but he has a fetish for silver headed men. It was an online thing for a long time. He flew to LA three days before I left for London. After three days he asked me to marry him - and I will. I told him, 'I'm gonna go to London for 30 days and let's see what happens when I get back.' It was this connection. We tried to have sex about 10 times but we couldn't because we'd keep talking."
Leslie - who previously appeared on the UK reality TV series 'Celebrity Big Brother' - has been openly gay for most of his adult life but has always had a fear of being too "effeminate" as a man.
He said: "The underlying fear is always that I'm coming off too effeminate. That's an old, old fear. The wonderful part in recovery with alcoholism is that you recognise it for what it is, and say, 'Oh that's that' but it's this fear of coming off effeminate.'"