Liam Gallagher wants to legalise drugs

Liam Gallagher wants to legalise drugs - because he thinks they are currently poor quality.
The 'Shockwave' hitmaker admitted he isn't enjoying consuming illegal substances so thinks if trade in them was allowed, they'd be at a better standard and generate more money for the country.
Discussing what he'd do if he was Prime Minister, he said: "I'd legalise drugs because they are shocking these days. Improve the quality and make some money out of it. Get the Peruvian back. 'Cos at the moment, I'm not enjoying the quality of the drugs."
Liam - who has children Molly, 22, Lennon, 19, Gene, 18, and Gemma, six, from previous relationships - doesn't think current politicians are doing enough to fight the knife crime epidemic and have their priorities wrong.
He told Mr Porter Journal: "I have teenage kids who are out and about.
"And then you hear that dude [the mayor of London] saying 'Oh, London's open for trade.' Who gives a f**k about selling a couple of bananas or fish or some wood? That can wait. Get the youth sorted out!"
These days, the 46-year-old singer is more "chilled" but if he wants to "act up" then he will, and thinks other rockers should be out having "shenanigans".
He said: "If I want to act up, I'll act up. But my kids are at that age where they're like, 'Come on, Dad, you're being a d**k.'
"I got it out of my system and I'm glad I did.
"Any rock 'n' roll star worth their salt having an early night, going to Picasso museums and all that needs putting down. People should be out having shenanigans.
"And if someone put a camera in my face when I was 20, I'd eat it. It shouldn't stop the fun. But now, I'm kinda chilled."
But Liam isn't as much of a fan of partying as he used to be.
He ranted: "Because it's full of ****s. I remember the 1990s and it was full of ****s back then. Now it's full of ****s who want your picture with a phone camera. But now the drugs have got worse, so it's full of ****s with cameras and s**t drugs."
Instead, the former Oasis frontman prefers to do "nothing" with his partner Debbie Gwyther.
He said: "I get up at 6.00am if I've not been out on the booze. Go for a run about 7.00am. Come back, chill, go for some lunch with Debbie, go to the pub. Nothing really. We don't go hiking or anything. We don't go to museums... I'll Google it if I want."