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Thursday 09, April

The Moon is lighting up your money zone and stirring up some emotional fears around future security. Don't let yourself buy into the panic but do be resourceful for future planning. If you can keep the feelings out of it and just do what you need to do, you'll come up with excellent strategy.

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Wednesday 08, April

The Moon is finishing up her run in your stars today, Libra. That said, you are finally reclaiming some long-lost and much-needed balance. But just as you start to feel you are on steady footing the emotional forces of the Scorpio Moon come to test you this evening. Hold your ground.

Tuesday 07, April

So much is building up inside of you as your annual Full Moon is about to break. The next twenty-four hours could easily stir up thoughts and feelings that you weren't even aware had been collecting within you. Take note of all that is coming up now as it's part of a major rebalancing process.

Monday 06, April

The Moon will move into your sweet and harmonious stars this evening, Libra. But first you might feel some background angst and worry as confusion prevails. Just do your best not to buy into any of the hype or fear. You need your balance to remain calm and serene as you prepare for tomorrow's Full Moon in your stars.

Sunday 05, April

The Moon is in your dream zone as the weekend wraps up, Libra. With lunar beams in Virgo all day Sunday into early Monday, looking within is the only thing that matters. Tune out the noise and spend some serious time on self-care, darling.

Saturday 04, April

The planet of karma is joining with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in a rare, once-in-thirteen years astro-event. This is no small thing, Libra, and it's hitting your house of home. This is a next-level powerful event for your family, so know that you're breaking through to something better.

Friday 03, April

Your ruling planet is about to go on a rare quest. She moves into Gemini today - your sister air sign - and she'll be here for an exceptionally long time because of an upcoming retrograde. From now through June Venus will expand your mind and bring you a sense of adventure - even if you're at home in quarantine.

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