Lila Moss Is Over Beauty TikTok

The YSL Beauty ambassador talks to InStyle about why Pinterest is the superior app, her newfound love for blue mascara, and the two-step skincare routine she swears by.

These days, it's hard to find a Gen Z beauty trend that didn't start on TikTok. (We're looking at your Strawberry Girl makeup). But for model and YSL Beauty ambassador Lila Moss, Pinterest is actually the app she opens first when she wants to feel inspired by hair and makeup ideas.

"My 'For You Page' has kind of veered off of that a bit, so I don't really find anything in there anymore," Moss tells InStyle about finding beauty inspiration. "Sometimes TikTok can be really filtered. But on Pinterest, you can find really old things from every genre. So Pinterest is definitely my go-to for beauty."

It's surprising that the 20-year-old, well-established "It" girl isn't as into TikTok as her peers, but perhaps she's just an old soul. After all, she's already paving her own way in her modeling career after starring in ads for the likes of YSL Beauty and Calvin Klein.

And while vintage photos on Pinterest are her inspiration for red carpet events, she tries to go as natural as possible for her everyday makeup routine — except for a bright pop of color. "I feel like it's so fun to go out and have a bit of a pop of color, but keeping the skin just really natural," she says. "I've been really into having my freckles [show]; the sun brings them out a lot. Having the natural things pop out is really fun."

This summer, she's all about the blue lashes. Moss turns to the new Extreme Volume Mascara in Electric Blue when she wants a statement eye with that extra hit of color. "I've been really into brown mascara, and now I'm like, 'Ooh, blue can be the next one to go into.'" (Spoiler alert: she looks fab in the cobalt shade).

<p>Courtesy of YSL</p>

Courtesy of YSL

Similarly, Moss's skincare routine involves just two (sometimes three) steps. To accommodate her sensitive skin, she uses a fragrance-free cleanser and moisturizer. For times when her skin is extra dry from travel, she'll add a hyaluronic acid for a moisture boost. "Those are the only three things I'll use," she says.

For hair, she's all about that claw clip trend or the slicked-back look — albeit with a twist. She doesn't use any gel to get the "clean girl" look. "If I [brush my hair with a] hairbrush and I do it really tight, it just slicks back," she says. "I do it a little bit up in a bun."

<p>Courtesy of YSL</p>

Courtesy of YSL

And though she doesn't use TikTok for her beauty inspo, it doesn't mean she's off the app completely. Most recently, she discovered she's a lip balm hoarder and bonded with her followers on the app about how many she keeps on her at all times.

"I kept seeing different lip balms, and I kept pulling different ones out of my bag. I was like, 'Okay, I'm going to do a game where I look at how many are actually in my bag.' I propped up my TikTok, and I was like, 'Okay, blind reaction to how many lip balms I have in my bag.' And there were 12," she says.

As for the best beauty advice she's ever received, she's all about keeping things fairly simple. "I always say less is more," she shares.

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