Lisa Rinna: I’ve had the same fitness routine since I was 16

Lisa Rinna has followed the same fitness routine since she was 16 years old.
The 60-year-old star has revealed that she's had a "consistent" approach to her workout routine since she was a teenager.
Lisa - who tries to workout five says a week - told Us Weekly: "I’ve had the same fitness routine since I was 16. It started with Jazzercise and I’ve been consistent about working out ever since."
Lisa relies on yoga and dancing as a means of keeping fit, while she also enjoys hikes, spinning and Pilates.
The actress - who played Taylor McBride on the TV drama series 'Melrose Place' - also has a strict approach to her diet, revealing that she always eats "in moderation".
Earlier this month, meanwhile, Lisa revealed that she feels "unstoppable".
The TV star explained that she's as confident and as ambitious as she's ever been, in spite of her age.
Lisa told PEOPLE: "I think I'm unstoppable.
"I think I can do pretty much whatever I want to do. And I think everybody is unstoppable, and everyone can do what they want to do. You just got to believe it, manifest it and say, ‘I'm going to do this.'"
Despite this, Lisa acknowledged that she's been surprised by some of her recent successes, which include signing with a modelling agency.
Lisa - who exited 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' in 2023 - said: "That's what's so interesting is I never would've thought that this would be happening in my life, and in my career at 60.
"But I think there's a reason for it. I'm out here doing this to show people that you can do it. That we don't stop at 60, that you can keep going."