Australian news live: Body found in search for P&O cruise passenger, Peter Stefanovic's on-air admission

Concerning news has emerged this morning a P&O cruise passenger has fallen off the ship off the coast of Sydney.

Yahoo's live blog for Monday, May 6 has now finished. Below are some of the day's main talking points.

In a tragic update, a body of a man has been found off the coast of Sydney where a P&O Cruise ship passenger had fallen overboard.

More details have emerged about the “radicalised” 16-year-old boy who was shot by WA police after he stabbed a man in a Perth Bunnings carpark. He had reportedly attempted to indoctrinate other students at his high school, and was known to police since he was 14.

  • Sydney Airport auctions off unclaimed lost items

    Have you ever wondered where items left behind at an airport end up?

    Well for the 2,500 unclaimed items at Sydney airport last year, they're now available at auction in a bid to raise money for a local charity. This year's recipient is the Harding Miller Education Foundation, which awards four-year scholarships to high school girls with high academic potential who are experiencing disadvantage.

    As you can see in the picture, there's all sorts available, with bidding starting at $10.

    Available items include:

    • 150+ laptops

    • 300+ headphones & ear buds

    • 100+ phones and tablets

    • 320+ jewellery items

    • 200+ watches

    • 200+ sunglasses and glasses

    • 120+ bottles of wine/spirits

    • an electric scooter

    • a massage table

    • a wedding dress

    • a jaffle maker and kettle

    • a leaf blower

    • a framed and autographed photo of Lionel Messi

    • a Star Wars Storm Trooper voice activated helmet, a Darth Vader helmet and a collection of lightsabers.

    Plenty is on offer.
    Plenty is on offer.
  • Rare sight at world-famous spot wows tourists

    If you've ever been to San Francisco, there's a good chance you've seen its famous sea lions down at Fisherman's Wharf.

    But the pier currently looks nothing like what it normally does with hundreds of extra sea lions joining the party to the delight of tourists.

    The rare sight is thanks to an influx in anchovies. There's believed to be more than 1,000 sea lions at the site – the highest number in 15 years.

    See remarkable video of the sea lions below.

  • Brutal forecast for already-soaked NSW

    There's more bad news for soaked NSW residents with millions already having had a miserable past week of rain.

    The state's entire coastline is set for a further seven days of rain thanks to a high pressure system that's become stagnant. With the rain falling on saturated ground, there's an increased risk of flooding across the state, Weatherzone warns.

    The below maps show you just how much rain is set to fall in the next week.

    Look away now NSW residents. Source: Weatherzone
    Look away now NSW residents. Source: Weatherzone
  • Girlfriend's heart 'shattered in a million pieces' after brothers killed in Mexico

    The girlfriend of Callum Robinson, one of the two Australian brothers shot dead in Mexico while on a surf trip, says her heart is "shattered into a million pieces".

    Emily Horwath took to social media to share a series of photos of the couple together, while sharing tributes left by friends.

    "You are one of one. I will love you forever," she said.

    Mexican authorities have now confirmed three bodies found down a well in Baja California are those of Callum and Jake Robinson, and friend Jack Carter Rhoad.

    Police confirmed they had been shot in the head in what is believed to have been a tyre theft gone wrong.

    Emily shared pictures of the couple together. Source: Instagram
    Emily shared pictures of the couple together. Source: Instagram
  • ATO warns Aussies about three tax mistakes

    Aussies will be filing their tax returns in less than two months, with the ATO warning today they're paying extra attention to the following three mistakes.

    1. Incorrectly claiming work-related expenses

    2. Inflating claims for rental properties

    3. Failing to include all income when lodging

    If you "deliberately" make any of them, the ATO could well be in touch.

    Read more here.

  • Now here's a story that's gone gangbusters for Yahoo in the past couple of days.

    Have you seen this bin hack that's saving a bit of time bringing their bins in?

    By tucking the lid of one bin into the other, residents can bring in two bins at the same time with very little effort. The hack is gaining traction globally, with tens of millions of views on TikTok.

    Bin Hack
    Using a rubbish bin and a green waste bin, a TikToker shows just how easy the hack was. Source: TikTok/@kylehume7
  • Koala disrupts Ironman event

    How's this for a surprise visitor.

    Athletes at an Ironman event in Port Macquarie were left navigating their exhausted bodies around a koala affectionally known as "Big Boy" after he made his way onto the course.

    Local Jason Hannah told the ABC the koala was making his way to a gum tree by the riverside.

    "He walks around like he owns the joint. Everybody leaves him alone, they let him do his own thing … he's one of the residents, really," he revealed.

    While spotting a koala in an urban environment can be the result of over-development, an expert told the ABC the koala looked like he was in "excellent condition".

    'Big Boy' makes a grand entrance at the Ironman event. Source: Jason Hannah via the ABC
    'Big Boy' makes a grand entrance at the Ironman event. Source: Jason Hannah via the ABC
  • Body found after passenger overboard on P&O cruise ship off Sydney

    NSW Police have confirmed a body has been found off the coast of Sydney after a passenger fell overboard from a P&O cruise ship in the early hours of Monday.

    "About 10.30am, officers attached to Police Marine Area Command located the body of a man and it was retrieved," police said in a statement.

    The ship was 18km from Sydney at the time of the incident.

  • Why Coca-Cola and other soft drinks could jump in price

    There is mounting pressure for Australia to slap a new tax on sugary drinks like Coca-Cola in an effort to get to grips with a "huge health problem".

    The Australian Medical Association says the sugar tax would help combat obesity and diabetes and such a move is backed by a new report from the Grattan Institute.

    “Sugary drinks make us sick, and we know this is a huge health problem for Australia,” AMA President Professor Steve Robson said.

    The AMA’s modelling also suggests a sugar tax could result in government revenue of $4 billion across four years, which could be used to fund further preventative health activities.

    “Of course, this revenue is above and beyond the burden and cost we could save the health system. Anything we can do to lessen the strain on our health system, particularly while our hospitals are in logjam, is critical," Prof Robson said.

    Bottles of Coca Cola are displayed in a case in Coors Field before fans arrive to watch the Colorado Rockies host the Seattle Mariners Friday, April 19, 2024, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
    Coca-Cola and other soft drinks could go up in price if the AMA has its way. Source: AP
  • Sky News host apologises to teen millionaire live on-air

    Sky News host Peter Stefanovic has apologised live on-air for his heavily criticised interview with the teen winner of the Northern Territory's Million Dollar Fish competition.

    Keegan Payne, 19, scooped the $1 million prize last week after catching the coveted tagged barramundi and while he was overjoyed with his win, his fairytale story quickly soured when Stefanovic brought up an unsavoury incident from his past live on-air.

    A remorseful Keegan was forced to admit he was involved in the theft of two work vehicles at his employer's property three years ago, with the business owner later speaking out saying he had forgiven Keegan.

    Sky News host Peter Stefanovic has been called out for his line of questioning with teen Keegan Payne. Source: Sky News
    Sky News host Peter Stefanovic has been called out for his line of questioning with teen Keegan Payne. Source: Sky News

    Critics said Stefanovic's "gotcha" moment fuelled unfair stereotypes , with Indigenous rights advocates condemning the host's behaviour.

    “An apology from me, last Wednesday we invited Keegan Payne onto our show to discuss his win in the Million Dollar Fish competition in the Northern Territory,” Stefanovic said on Monday.

    “During that interview I asked him about a theft that had occurred several years earlier. I should not have asked him about those claims and I regret doing so.

    “I apologise sincerely to Keegan and his family.”

    It followed a statement released by the network on Friday apologising for the interview.

  • Titanic and Lord of the Rings star dies aged 79

    Bernard Hill, the actor best known for his roles in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Titatnic, has died at the age of 79.

    He died early on Sunday morning, his agent Lou Coulson revealed, and was accompanied by his fiancee Alison and his son Gabriel. His cause of death has not been confirmed.

    Tributes are pouring in for the "marvellous" actor.

    Read more here.

    Bernard Hill.
    Bernard Hill.
  • Aussie brothers shot in 'execution-style' killing

    Police in Mexico say three men understood to be Australian brothers Callum and Jake Robinson and friend Jack Carter Rhoad were shot in the head in an execution-style killing.

    Authorities in Baja California believe three people arrested were attempting to steal the men's ute at their remote campsite and when Callum, Jake and Jack attempted to fight back, weapons were discharged.

    Three bodies were found dumped in a well 15 metres deep about 6km from where they were camping.

    Police believe more people were involved in the attack.

    Callum and Jake Robinson.
  • Students' 'disgraceful' list ranking female classmates

    Four boys from a Melbourne private school have been suspended after a list was posted to social media rating their female classmates with one category titled "unrapeable".

    The shocking list was posted by Year 11 students from Yarra Valley Grammar School in Ringwood onto the platform Discord and was discovered by the school last Wednesday.

    Yarra Valley Grammar principal Dr Mark Merry spoke to Nine on Sunday and described the post as “disgraceful”.

    “Respect for each other is in the DNA of this school, and so this was a shock not only to us … but it was a shock to the year level and the boys in the year level that see this as way, way out of line,” he said.

    “As a father, I find it absolutely outrageous, disgraceful, offensive. As a principal, I need to make some decisions [about] what we do about all of this,” he said.

    The list has since been reported to police by the school to ensure it wasn’t linked to any criminal offence.

    Read more here.

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