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'Looks pristine': This robot pool cleaner is a crystal-clear steal at 40% off

Summer is the time for long, long days in the pool, floating around euphorically, beverage at hand. Everybody wants to do that! Of course, that means nonstop vigilance to keep the pool clean. No one wants to do that! Enter the Betta SE Solar Powered Pool Cleaner. This little robot is what would happen if you took your local pool boy, made him roughly the size of a Roomba, and slapped some solar panels on him ... and that would just be cruel, not to mention contrary to any number of labor laws. So, yeah, this is clearly the Betta choice (heh). —

Here comes the sun ... ready to power up the last, greatest robotic pool cleaner you'll ever buy. 

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One of the main reasons this a deal worth acting on? It's close to the lowest price we've ever seen for this pool-prowling cleaner-upper. Another reason is that it will save you a lot of time on swimming-hole maintenance. That means more fun in the sun and less sweating with a net in your hand.

Robotic pool cleaners are becoming more and more popular, but the Betta SE has a lot going for it that others don't. For starters, it can clean continuously for up to 30 hours. Reviewers report that it works day and night to constantly keep the pool clean. It can fully recharge in roughly six hours under direct sunlight, but it will still generate power even on a rainy or cloudy day.

The debris container is large, too. You don't even have to remove the unit from the pool; just hook it close to the edge, open it up, and dump out the bin. And no worries about sun damage: The Betta comes outfitted with a UV-resistant coating.

If something does go wrong, it comes with a one-year warranty. The main thing to be aware of is that this cleaner will not work in a completely dry pool; it needs a minimum of five inches of water to work properly. It also doesn't work properly with infinity pools. (Which makes sense, cuz that job would take forever, amirite?)

betta se robot pool cleaner
Have you had it with flotsam futzing up your fun? The Betta SE makes leaves and other pesky pool debris a thing of the past. (Amazon)

There aren't a lot of reviews for this gadget yet, but nearly 83% of them are five-star raves. We're confident that if you take the plunge, you'll be singing the Betta's praises, too.

If you have a furry friend that loves the pool, this robot can be a big help. "It's fascinating to watch it smoothly navigate the water, and the stress reduction in pool maintenance is a game changer. Our St. Bernard loves to swim, and this skimmer is a lifesaver, capturing all the dog hair before it can clog our filter," shared one user.

Another fan raved about its pollen-fighting prowes. "I have a 24-foot round pool, and it does not get hung up on my steps or skimmer. You should see all the stuff this thing picks up! It keeps everything out of my pool skimmer and from settling to the bottom of my pool which in turn, keeps all that crap from going into my filter!"

As for the battery, well — this cleaner is like the Energizer bunny. "This thing is flat-out awesome. It's solar-powered and cordless, and does a great job of skimming the pool surface. The surface looks pristine because this little robot picks up all the scraps. The solar charging is great, and it maintains a charge really well. I've had it running 24/7 essentially and it never stops. Only during a period of five continuous days of clouds and rain did it stop working due to no charge."

If you have other pool-cleaning robots, you might want to separate them: "The only downside is, If I use an underwater robot while using Betta, it will stick on the cord."

One fan wished it would behave a bit more robotically: "Should have an auto-off when you open the lid, and an auto-on when you close the lid."

You Betta, you bet! This little guy does its job, come rain or shine.

Save $221 with Prime
$329 at Amazon

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