Lorde commends Charli XCX’s new album ‘Brat’, shutting down feud rumours

Lorde has praise fellow pop artist Charli XCX on Instagram, effectively squashing any speculation of the pair clashing.

Charli’s new album Brat has already received rave reviews from both critics and fans, and Lorde has joined in with the enthusiasm, saying she was “gagged” by the British singer’s sixth studio album.

On her Instagram story, New Zealand artist Lorde, 27, wrote: “The only album I’ve ever pre saved is out today… Charli just cooked this one differently… So much grit, grace and skin in the game.”

The Grammy-winning artist continued: “I speak for all of us when I say it’s an honour to be moved, changed and gagged by her work, there is NO ONE like this!”

This complimentary post has put to bed the circling rumours of animosity between the two stars, after listeners speculated that Charli’s single “Girl so confusing” was directed towards Lorde.

The song in question details the 31-year-old’s confusion over feelings of envy and admiration for a fellow unnamed artist. The AG Cook-produced record talks about a complex relationship with another female singer. Charli sings: “Can’t tell if you want to see me falling over and failing, can’t tell what you’re feeling – I think I know how you feel.”

From lyrics such as “We’ve got the same hair” to“You’re all about writing poems”, fans concluded that the other singer must be Lorde.

To add fuel to the fire, in a recent Rolling Stone UK artist profile, the “Von Dutch” and “Hot In It” singer opened up about her previous jealousy of Lorde’s song “Royals”.

Lorde and Charli XCX (Getty)
Lorde and Charli XCX (Getty)

The alternative pop artist said “that could have been me”, before correcting herself and adding: “But it couldn’t because we’re completely different people. I wasn’t making music that sounded anything like ‘Royals’. I think you just read what you want into it because you’re feeling insecure about your own work.”

Appearing on the La Culturistas podcast with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, Charli revealed more about the meaning behind the ambiguous track. She said: “I think we live in the world of pop music right now where women are like, ‘I support other women! I love women! I’m a feminist,’ and that’s great… I don’t think you become a bad feminist if you maybe don’t see eye to eye with every single woman.”

Charli continued: “That’s not the nature of human beings. There’s a competitiveness between us. There’s envy. There is camaraderie. There’s all of these different dynamics.”