Lottie Moss: I like how my mental health gives me the edge, so I won't take medication

Lottie Moss refuses to take antidepressants because she likes the "edge" her mental health gives her.
The 25-year-old fashion model - who is the half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss - had a mental breakdown in April 2021 due to depression, before checking into rehab in February 2022 after self-medicating with drink and drugs.
And she has admitted she didn't like how the medication she put on "numbed" her and took away her personality.
Speaking to new! magazine, she said: "I was really depressed at one stage but I didn't know I had depression. I've always been the kind of person to say, 'I'm fine, I'm good' when I'm not. I never wanted people to think, 'She is struggling.'
People feel like I am this confident person, but I put on a show for the cameras."
Asked if she takes medication for her depression, the OnlyFans creator replied: "I've tried loads of different medications for my ADHD and it just numbed me. It made me less of a fun person. I don't like medication and I don't like something altering how I think. I think my mental illness is what gives me the edge."
The blonde beauty previously told how she was left “traumatised” from being body-shamed on set during her early years as a model.
She said in a piece written for Glamour magazine that her agents used to laugh and call her “ham and cheese sandwich girl” when she would eat at shoots or at castings, and claimed she was told to have a 23-inch waist for catwalks and get a personal trainer.
Telling how she was fortunate to avoid an eating disorder, Lottie said: “As Fashion Week approached, they told me I had to get to a 23-inch waist and 30-inch hips if I had any hopes of doing runway. I’m 5 foot 5.
“Whenever I ate on set or at castings, my agents would laugh at me. They’d say, ‘Here’s “ham and cheese sandwich girl” again’ or, ‘She’s having another ham and cheese sandwich!’ And I’d just laugh along.
“Back then, I didn’t realise how traumatising it was as a young girl; all the things they said to me. I’m incredibly lucky I didn’t develop an eating disorder.”
Lottie said her fight to eventually slim to a 23-inch waist left her feeling unhealthy and said it started a “lot of problems”.