Louis Vuitton's Wellness Fragrance Is My Go-To Scent For When I Get Homesick

The brand's newest launch Pacific Chill has this L.A. native's stamp of approval.

<p>Louis Vuitton/ InStyle</p>

Louis Vuitton/ InStyle

Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the beach. Whatever the appeal, Los Angeles has attracted many looking for an idyllic place to set roots. As a born-and-raised L.A. native, I can confirm that my hometown is a very special place that is much more than its Hollywood scene. And recently, the relaxed and calm vibes, warm coastal weather, and dedication to a holistic and healthy lifestyle have led French luxury house Louis Vuitton to celebrate all things L.A. with its newest fragrance, Pacific Chill.

Created by the brand's master perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Pacific Chill is the fifth fragrance in a collection dedicated to California. Dubbed "the wellness fragrance" of the group, Pacific Chill is a crisp, citrusy scent imbued with notes of carrot seed essence, blackcurrant, orange, mint, and basil — all of which are balanced by the sweetness of apricot.

In a single spritz, its bright, earthy scent awakens the senses, which was Belletrud's goal. "I think about notes that make you smile," Belletrud tells InStyle. "At least, I try to."

The inspiration for the scent lies in green smoothies. Belletrud recalls meeting with his frequent Louis Vuitton collaborator, multimedia artist Alex Israel, to talk about their next project together. In what can only be described as "so L.A.," they ended up talking about Belletrud's latest love for the healthy vegetable-based drink, which has had a lasting grip on the city of angels.

"Alex asked me, 'What is your inspiration in LA?' I say, 'Well, I'm drinking the same carrot and orange smoothie for three days and I love it," says Belletrud. "I love the texture and the taste; it gives me a lot of energy."

Carrot is the fragrance's most interesting note, Belletrud explains, since it's hard to find in other scents. Instead of using the vegetable itself to get that soft, fruity-wood smell, however, he chose to use distilled carrot seed oil before balancing it out with the apricot, basil, and other green notes.

After all, there are no rules when it comes to fragrance. Trying to piece together what scents work together when layering or trying to pick a signature smell shouldn't be complicated or methodical at all. You should just feel your way through it. "To choose a perfume is a way of connecting with yourself," Belleturd says.

And Pacific Chill does just that. While it's sweeter than expected and has a powerful opening, it dries down to a lovely blend of warm, lush, yet fresh notes that lasts all day long. It's proof that even if green juice isn't your thing, spritzing on a scent that makes you feel good can still be part of your wellness routine.

Let's not forget the packaging, either: To match the tone of the fragrance, Israel designed a classic LA beach landscape on the leather case that houses it. With light blue skies and palm trees, the visual captures the calmness and connection to nature.

While I've been in New York City for nine years (and counting), whenever my heart yearns for the Malibu ocean breeze or I just miss my mom, I mist this on to have a little piece of home with me wherever I go.

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