Louise Redknapp at the centre of Peppa Pig legal row

Louise Redknapp has become involved in a legal case involving Peppa Pig.

The 45-year-old pop star's chart-topping hit 'Naked' - which was released in 1996 - has found itself at the centre of a £1 million legal battle, with songwriters accusing Entertainment One of infringing their copyright on 'Peppa's Party Time', which appears on 'Peppa Pig: My First Album'.

Songwriters and producer Denis Ingoldsby have reached a settlement over their claim, according to the the Daily Mirror newspaper, which reports that they could earn up to £1 million in backdated and future royalties.

What's more, their names are now credited on the Peppa track.

Meanwhile, Louise recently admitted she will always love her ex-husband Jamie Redknapp.

The pop singer and the retired soccer player split in 2017, but Louise still loves him because of the time they spent together and the fact he is the father to her two sons, Charley, 15, and Beau, 11.

She confessed: "I still love him. After 21 years together how could I not still love him?"

The high-profile duo finalised their divorce in January 2018 but have subsequently remained on good terms.

Louise - who is currently single - is now preparing herself for the day Jamie brings a girl home to meet their children.

Imagining Jamie with a new partner, the pop star admitted: "That will be a tough day. I'd love to be able to say it'll be fine, but to be honest it's not a moment I'm looking forward to.

"Not that I'm ready for a relationship myself. Over the last two years all my energy has gone into my boys, my career, making a new home and feeling confident."