I love constructive criticism, says Melanie Lynskey

Melanie Lynskey welcomes constructive criticism.
The 45-year-old actress has achieved significant success during her career - but Melanie insists she's still happy to listen to constructive criticism of her work.
Melanie told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I read every single review, so you can't just take in the good ones and ignore the bad ones.
"I love criticism, I love constructive criticism, I like people having notes, I like in my personal life for people to tell me when I've upset them or whatever.
"So it's easy to dismiss when someone's just being mean for no reason, that's just like, 'all right, I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do with that, just you're trying to make my day bad, I guess?'"
Melanie has worked predominantly on independent films and TV shows during her career. However, she's also very proud of her mainstream success, including her role in 'Yellowjackets', the hit drama series.
She shared: "I'm so grateful that people are watching the show, I'm a shy person ... it's a little tricky, you know, to have a lot of attention.
"I'm so shy, I do need to, like, lock myself in a dark room at the end of some days and just kind of be like, 'Oh, that was a lot', but overall, it's so wonderful that there's such a response."
Melanie was initially reluctant to her commit herself to 'Yellowjackets'. But she's since become very trusting of the team behind the show.
She said: "The first season they told me a lot because I had a lot of questions and I was very fearful of signing on to something - I had to sign for seven years and I just was like 'I need to know that you have a plan'. So they told me so much about season one that I understood they knew what they were doing.
"And then they initially said they had a plan for five seasons and they did not go over all the seasons with me. I trust them so much now, I'm kind of like, whatever you guys want to do, I believe will be right."