Lukas Gage Recalls His Mom's Reaction To His NSFW 'White Lotus' Scene

Lukas Gage has revealed his mother’s reaction to his graphic sex scene in season one of “The White Lotus.

While appearing on “Live with Kelly and Mark” on Friday, Gage, 28, shared that his mom had a supportive response to viewing the scene, which involved an unforgettable intimate moment between his character, Dillon, and Murray Bartlett’s character, Armond.

“She loved it,” Gage said. “She didn’t care. She was like, ‘Go for it!’ My mom is really cool and understanding about that kind of thing.”

“She says I have the cutest butt in Hollywood, too,” he added.

Gage, who also went viral for getting a golden shower from another man in Netflix’s “You” in his role as the pompous socialite Adam, previously opened up about being “comfortable” with the sex scenes he’s starred in.

“I guess I’m a little more European in my thoughts on nudity right now. I’m not begging to take my clothes off, but I’m comfortable with it,” Gage told The Hollywood Reporter in February last year.

“I want to keep a sense of truthfulness, too: If there’s a scene where I’m having sex with my boss, it’s gonna be pretty fucking weird if I have clothes on,” he added. “Those scenes are so mechanical in their filming, anyways. There’s nothing sexy about a director telling you you’re thrusting weird.”

Watch a clip from Gage’s interview below.