Luxury cargo bike brand Babboe alerts buyers to safety risk and stops sales in UK

A Babboe bike being ridden by a mother with children (Babboe)
A Babboe bike being ridden by a mother with children (Babboe)

Bike maker Babboe has reportedly recalled some models of its cargo bikes, which are popular among parents on school runs, over safety concerns.

The Dutch manufacturer has said its dog cargo bike has risks to customers and has approached buyers to say that they are being recalled, according to the Times.

Sales have also been suspended after an investigation that found hairline cracks could appear in the frame of some of the bikes, causing them to sag.

It has led Babboe to recall two of the 14 models of their bikes but sales have been suspended for all models, including electric bikes, while the fault is investigated.

A statement on the company’s Instagram site - from last Saturday, February 24, read: “We understand you would like more clarity about your Babboe carrier bike.

“We are currently working hard on a solution and expect to come with a new update next week. We understand that we ask much patience from you and that the situation is causing a lot of inconvenience. We sincerely apologise for that.”

The bike has become popular with a carrier pod at the front of some models making it possible to transport young children on an environmentally friendly school run.

Models can range in price from £1,700 to more than £6,000 for a top end model which can also be used to transport dogs.

James Middleton, the younger brother of the Princess of Wales, is a fan and in 2019 appealed for his to be returned after it was taken.

He wrote on Instagram: “Taking the dogs out on the bike brings me so much joy and to all those we meet on the way.

“There is CCTV which is being investigated but would love to find it.”

The bike was eventually returned after the appeal.

Babboe has been approached by the Evening Standard for comment.