Machine Gun Kelly used to crave 'external validation'

Machine Gun Kelly has been on a "journey of self-worth."
The 32-year-old singer - who is currently engaged to actress Megan Fox, 36, but has 13-year-old daughter Casie with ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon - was honoured to have been nominated alongside eventual winner Ozzy Osbourne in the category of Best Rock Album at the GRAMMYs after making the switch from hip hop music and explained that his career has given him a new "validation" after coming from a life with "no family."
Speaking at the 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards on Sunday (05.02.23), he said: "I think when I was in my phase of my...30-year-phase of wanting external validation and I think I have learned a lot about myself between that time and this time. Even in the last three days leading up to the Grammys. It was an honour to be in a category with Ozzy Osbourne. It was more cathartic and I learned a bigger in the 45-minute car ride that I had on the way here than I had in 30 years and it is the beginning of my journey of self-worth.
"What told me I was enough was all the texts from all my friends, my daughter being so present. She's a gem and I'm a lucky father. Family. I come from a life of no family, I've been gifted through music a new family. I don't know what could ever validate. Once I learn that lesson, all those accolades I desired so much - then they will come."
The 'Bloody Valentine' hitmaker - whose real name is CoIson Baker - went on to add that he is "very happy and grateful" to be where he is now and wants to serve as an inspiration for fans who are "lost" or confused about where to go in life.
He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I came in as a hip hop artist and I was nominated for Best Rock Album so already that barrier was broken on what my limits were supposed to be set at and I broke through that. I'll never forget the day I made my guitar pink and I decided to come out and play it. I'm very happy and very grateful. I'm here for the kids who are lost and who don't know what their life is or what it's gonna be. I'm supposedly this person who has a grip on their life but I don't and I'm just at the whim of the waves on the universe and the waves are pushing me this way."