MAFS 2024: Mystery surrounds 'missing' gay couple as filming continues

Filming for season 11 is well underway, but two participants are yet to be spotted.

Married At First Sight's 11th season is now two months into production ahead of the show's big return early next year, and there's much confusion surrounding one pairing.

After multiple sources spilled to the media that the upcoming season will feature a same-sex couple, they are yet to be spotted filming dinner parties or commitment ceremonies with the other couples.

MAFS 2024 couples arriving to the first dinner party.
The upcoming season of MAFS was heavily rumoured to feature a same-sex couple, but they are yet to be seen filming the reality show. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

The lack of inclusion is made only more confusing by the fact Daily Mail photographed one groom attending the hens night on July 18, believed to be from the same-sex pairing, but he has not been spotted since.

A paparazzi, who has been covering the new season closely, tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “It looks like producers may have had a last-minute change of mind and dropped the same-sex couple or they've purposely held them back and are now making them intruders.”


In July, an insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that next season will see the return of a gay couple. However, both participants will not necessarily identify as male.

“It wouldn't be out of the question to have a participant that identifies as non-binary, gender-fluid or is trans,” the source said.

“The show is meant to represent modern-day Australia, and producers are making a real effort to do that this time round rather than just having another cast full of cis-gendered, heterosexual participants.”

MAFS 2024 couple filming their wedding on the beach.
The new season of MAFS is set to air early next year. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

MAFS' surprising new direction

While MAFS is known for its explosive dinner party fights and relationship drama, Channel Nine's head of content Adrian Swift recently revealed that the focus of the show is shifting in a surprising direction.

“We have tried to move away from the screechy and the shouting," he told the Herald Sun. “We still give it all the drama that it needs, but we've tried to absolutely make sure all the relationships we see genuine potential in.

“This year what we have tried to do really carefully, exhaustively, is go, ‘is this right?’.”

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