MAFS: Adorable moment viewers missed during Cassandra and Tristan’s wedding

A very sweet moment went unseen by MAFS viewers on Monday night.

MAFS fans went wild for Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black on Monday night as they tied the knot with a sweet moment seemingly going unseen from the audience.

During the pair's wedding reception, Cassandra's dad Moddy gave a very sweet and emotional speech, referencing the fact his late wife, who passed away from cancer in 2020, wasn't able to see their daughter tie the knot.

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MAFS star Tristan Black at his wedding
MAFS fans may have missed a sweet moment between Cassandra and Tristan at their wedding on Monday night. Photo: Nine

"Cassie, the more I've known you, the more I'm glad I met your mother," Moddy said.

He described first seeing her at a crowded party, "I saw her and I go, 'Wow!' And that was love at first sight... not marriage! It was love at first sight.

"Your mother would be very, very happy and proud of you today," he added.


Adorable moment MAFS viewers didn't get to see

The speech had guests and viewers at home in tears, with Cassandra wiping away tears with a blue handkerchief. But it wasn't just any handkerchief, it was her new husband Tristan's pocket square, which he seemingly gave her to wipe away the tears.

During the speeches, Tristan isn't seen with his pocket square, but it is visible during the wedding, which means there was an adorable moment we missed where he must have given it to her.

MAFS' Cassandra Allen uses Tristan's pocket square to wipe away her tears
Cassandra was seen using Tristan's pocket square as a handkerchief during her father's speech. Photo: Nine

Cassandra's tragic loss of childhood sweetheart

Cassandra not only lost her mother but also her high school sweetheart, who died in a motorbike accident, with fans taking to Instagram to share their love for the new bride.

"Who else cried at her story?" one Instagram user wrote. "To lose a boyfriend and mother at such a young age. Ugh my heart aches for her. She's so lovely."

"They better look after her! Cassandra is the sweetest," another said.

MAFS' Cassandra and Tristan
Tristan wasn't seen with his pocket square after the ceremony. Photo: Nine

"Crying 🥹 She deserves the world!" a third added.

"She needs to be protected at all costs," someone else wrote.


"These two will be the next Cam and Jules and I’m here for it," one user wrote, referencing former participants and fan favourites Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson, who are now married and have a son.

"I think they're great for each other. Beautiful people," another said.

"Geez making me cry over here..... I'm probs being naive... But I hope this one works out 🥹," someone else said.

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