MAFS 'alpha' groom Jack Dunkley angers fans: 'Peak embarrassing'

Controversial new groom Jack is being dubbed 'Harrison 2.0' by MAFS fans.

Last night's episode of Married At First Sight introduced us to a new controversial groom, Jack Dunkley, a 34-year-old personal trainer who caused quite a stir online after he deemed himself an 'alpha' male who usually goes for 'submissive' women who he can lead.

"I love leading and giving advice," Jack said in his introduction. "Would I call myself an alpha? Yes, I like to try and control the situation, so I don't mind taking on that role."

While it's not new to see these kinds of controversial men on reality TV shows, MAFS fans took to social media to air their disdain for Jack's viewpoints, calling his behaviour 'embarrassing'.

Jack, who made questionable comments about his new wife Tori saying he could "sort her out" and saying the fact she's younger than him is a good sign because it "makes me feel like I've got something to do, that I'm leading someone the right way", definitely rubbed people the wrong way.

Jack Dunkley on MAFS
Meet Jack. Photo: Nine

'Entire nation is cringing'

"Men who call themselves an alpha are peak embarrassing, like the entire nation is cringing for you mate," one person commented on Instagram.

"This guy will win the crown for King Dingaling for sure lol," another person joked, referencing 2019 participant Cyrell Paule's iconic insult to another controversial groom, Sam Ball.

MAFS' Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams
Jack and his new 'wife' Tori. Photo: Nine

"Anyone else throw up a bit?" one person asked, with another saying, "Do we really have a guy saying “I’ll sort her out”???? WTF?????".

Other MAFS fans likened him to last year's controversial groom, Harrison Boon.


"Definitely Harrison 2.0," one person said. "Something is missing, a brain... Harrison 2.0," another agreed.

"Jack is a massive red flag, he will end up being super controlling, gaslighty and probably the first one to cheat," one person tweeted.

Jack, who also described himself as a combination of 'Christian Grey and Tarzan' stirred further controversy after admitting he wasn't attracted to his new bride Tori, despite the camera panning to them making out in a pool.

"If there are no sparks why are they kissing like they are keen for each other," one person commented. "He’s probably thinking of himself while he’s kissing her," another replied.

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