MAFS' Ash finally reveals the truth about his deb ball

Did the fleeting Married At First Sight intruder attend a deb ball or not?

Married At First Sight intruder Ash Galati had a brief but memorable stint on the show, with his marriage to psychic medium Madeleine Maxwell only lasting until their first commitment ceremony.

From the moment they met, Ash seemed pretty stoked with his match, but things went pear-shaped on the honeymoon after Madeleine had a psychic download and questioned Ash about his attendance at a 'deb ball'.

After Ash asked his new wife if she was ready for the experiment and for people to be asking them questions, the mood abruptly changed after Madeleine asked Ash if he'd ever been to a deb ball.

"I did," he confirmed. "What happened at this deb ball?" Madeleine asked, while Ash looked puzzled.

"We danced," he said. "Did something bad happen?" she asked. "No, not at my deb, why?" he asked. "Are you getting deb vibes?"

MAFS' Madeleine and Ash
MAFS' Madeleine and Ash had a brief but memorable stint. Photo: Nine

After Madeleine said she was "getting deb ball vibes" she then told Ash no one she knows went to a deb ball. "I was 16," a confused Ash said.

Now Ash has cleared up what went down at his now infamous deb ball and it's not what you'd expect. In fact, there's a chance Ash has never actually been to a deb ball at all.

Appearing on Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind The Edit podcast, we wanted to get straight to the hard-hitting questions when it came to chatting with Ash: What the hell really went down at his deb ball?

"Absolutely nothing," Ash said. "Nothing dramatic, nothing untoward. I don't think we even call it a deb ball. Don't we call it a formal in Australia?"

Ash MAFS Behind The Edit
Ash gave a tell-all interview to Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind The Edit podcast. Photo: Supplied

Upon realising Ash was talking about the standard Year 10 or Year 12 formal, we asked if he had specifically gone to a deb ball at all (otherwise known as debutante ball).

"No, no, it was a formal," he said. "It's called a formal, right? I've been to a formal and nothing happened," Ash stressed.

What is a deb ball?

Debutante balls are still held across Australia each year, with girls wearing long white dresses and presented to their communities.

It normally happens around the ages of 16 and 17 for high school girls, with Australia having inherited the practice from the British monarchy. The event is often used as a fundraiser and is usually organised by high schools or church groups.

It's only girls who make their debutante ball, but they can ask a male partner to escort them, with males not allowed to do their own deb unless their asked to accompany someone.

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