MAFS' Ash is trying to sell off his wedding ring: 'Cursed'

The MAFS groom has returned to Instagram, making a joke about selling off his wedding ring after things didn't work out with Madeleine Maxwell.

Married At First Sight's Ash Galati had a brief stint on the show, but now the cast has gotten their Instagrams back, the groom has taken to the social media platform to make a joke about selling his wedding ring after things didn't work out with Madeleine Maxwell.

While fans may remember Madeleine more than Ash himself, the 2024 MAFS groom uploaded a video of his wedding ring to his 10k following, with the caption: "Serious bidders only... one used wedding ring."

He then joked former MAFS star from many moons ago, Nick Furphy, had put in a bid for $4.50.

Ash, who is now dating someone new, replied to fans that he's "too blessed to stress" now post-MAFS journey despite drawing attention to his "cursed" marriage again. He also changed his Instagram bio to: "Got married on national TV, then divorced in a week."

MAFS' Madeleine and Ash during their honeymoon
MAFS' Madeleine and Ash had a brief but memorable stint. Photo: Nine

"Here it is, the one I actually wore," Ash said. "Is it cursed? Potentially. Is it a good price? Absolutely, so hit me up, start the bid, let's get rid of this bad boy."

The post was met with some comments, with MAFS star Jade Pywell saying, "😂😂 omg" and Ash replying that her partner Ridge would get "discounts" on the ring. "Don’t bring your bad juju ring near us," Jade replied.


"I’ll wear it around my neck," Nick Furphy commented. "Give it to the cows, mate," someone else said.

Due to her work and abilities as a psychic medium and her MAFS appearance which included calling Ash out about a deb ball, many fans speculated Madeleine perhaps was a producer plant or making a brief appearance on the show as an actress to shake things up.


Madeleine has since addressed those rumours, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that it's not true.

Madeleine on MAFS and as Amber on Home and Away
Madeleine on MAFS and Home and Away. Photo: Nine/Seven

"I mean, what is a production plant, is it a production plant that's going to do whatever producers want you to do in order to create drama?" Madeleine asked. "Because I am not that person, if anything, it's like when it's me and my name towards a project, I believe it should be people's own values and beliefs.

"I would never sign up for that, but let me tell you, there's a lot of actresses on that show baby, and I was not acting despite what everyone says, they should be paid a lot more for what they're doing, let's just say that!"

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