MAFS’ Ash reveals wild moment from his honeymoon: 'It was crazy'

Ash told podcast Behind The Edit that his honeymoon with Madeleine was even more chaotic than what was shown on screen.

Married At First Sight intruder Ash Galati had a brief but memorable stint on the show, with his marriage to psychic medium Madeleine Maxwell a short-lived affair.

The pair exited the day after their first commitment ceremony, with Ash changing his mind on his original 'stay' decision after Madeleine wrote leave.

While their time on TV may have been short, their honeymoon was one to remember with Madeleine questioning Ash about his attendance at a 'deb ball' as well as getting upset when the two came across some cows after eating steak for dinner the night before.

MAFS' Madeleine and Ash
MAFS' Madeleine and Ash had a brief but memorable stint. Photo: Nine

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit, Ash said viewers only experienced a small glimpse of the chaos.


"You only got a taste of what went on, it was crazy," Ash said. "You didn't see jumping on tables, screaming at the universe, rolling around on the floor, not participating in any activity that we did. We went on a boat and she hated it, we did clay [pottery] and she hated it, didn't participate, just wild antics."

He then said when cameras weren't around, the two didn't connect or bond.

"It was basically dead silence and I was trying like just to like get to know her," Ash said. When asked if he knew about Madeleine's past as an actress he said she briefly mentioned it.

Madeleine Maxwell
Madeleine has had acting stints on shows like Home and Away and Wentworth. Photo: Nine

"Two days into the honeymoon she's like 'I did acting' but she didn't really elaborate how extensive it was and I've obviously found that out later, so she did tell me In fairness but she [said] she stopped doing that and she found her true calling which was being a psychic. That's fine like, I'm open, I want to learn about you, you're my wife for the sake of the experiment, she just couldn't give me an answer about what it's like to be a medium."

Madeleine and Ash on their honeymoon on MAFS
Madeleine and Ash on their honeymoon. Photo: Nine


Ash also said a lot of the commitment ceremony was also cut.

"It was just it was an explosion, it didn't even really make it to air what actually happened, she was screaming at me saying she was vulnerable and that she opened up to me and she came here for love and I messed it all up."

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