MAFS Australia's Bronte reveals why she's not friends with Claire anymore

Married At First Sight Australia's Bronte Schofield has revealed the reason why she and fellow MAFSAU bride Claire Nomarhas are no longer friends following their appearance on the show.

Speaking to So Dramatic! Bronte shared she was no longer speaking to Claire following comments Claire made on a podcast which left her feeling hurt.

She told the publication: "I trusted her and she trusted me. She’s entitled to her opinion, but the most hurtful thing for me, I guess, when it does come to this whole me and Claire thing, I don’t want to speak a bad word about her. I wasn’t aware that we weren’t friends up until listening to that."

So what exactly did Claire say? Well at the end of March Claire appeared on the Where's Your Head At? podcast where she revealed she struggled with the relationship she had with Bronte.

"During MAFS, I connected with Bronte a lot. She’s strong, she’s sassy, she’s funny, we get along.

"I struggle because I know Bronte is not a stupid girl, I know that she’s smart. Watching [the show], you are either fake as s**t, or you are either dumb as s**t. Which one?" she said. Ouch.

Claire continued saying that since watching the show back she didn't know if she could trust Bronte: "And that is the battle that I’m having because I love her and I wanna be friends with her. But watching that, I’m just like, ‘How can I stay true to my values and my morals… How can I be friends with somebody I may not necessarily fully trust?'”

Following the comments Claire made, Bronte told So Dramatic! she was "really hurt" and "surprised" by Claire's words.

"And the context is because of what she’s watching back on a TV show that we filmed together, Like, you were there. If that’s the narrative Claire wants to run with, then that’s fine.

“But I just thought we were closer than that, and I’m actually really hurt by the things that were said," she said.

Bronte then claimed she had messaged Claire about the podcast telling her how upset she was and ended her message wishing Claire the best. However, Bronte claimed Claire has not yet responded to her message.

During MAFS Australia the two women didn't always appear to be super close, however Claire was often seen supporting Bronte during her arguments with her husband Harrison, frequently calling him out on his behaviour during the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies.

Since MAFS Australia ended lots of the women have been seen hanging out with friends they made on the show. Bronte appears to be besties with fellow bride Lyndall Grace and Claire is spending lots of time with Sandy Jawanda. And there's even been pictures of the four women hanging out together on Sandy's Instagram.

Fingers crossed Bronte and Claire can repair their friendship.

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