MAFS Australia's Lyndall clarifies relationship status with Jesse following new post

This season of Married At First Sight Australia may not have ended in many original couples staying together but it has seen the odd romance between cast members develop after filming, with Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis confirming their relationship last week. And now fans are theorising that there could be a new MAFS Australia couple on the horizon.

Over the weekend Lyndall Grace and Jesse Burford had a few fans wondering if there was something going on between the pair after Lyndall shared a photo of them together.

In a series of images of Lyndall posted of herself dressed as a pink cowboy (can we borrow the outfit pls?), she also shared one picture of herself with Jesse in a matching cowboy hat.

Scroll to image number four to see the pair:

Following Lyndall sharing the image, her comment section had a number of people asking what was going on between the pair.

One person commented: "Lyndall and Jesse! Great match😍." And another said: "You and Jesse be a cute couple."

So are Jesse and Lyndall dating? Sadly not. Lyndall told Cosmopolitan UK, she and Jesse are just good friends.

"The status of our relationship is that we're very good pals! We were close from week one, but we've only ever been friends."

The pair both live in Perth, so it's likely that after filming they had plenty of time to bond in their city. Fellow Married At First Sight Australia cast members Ollie Skelton, Bronte Schofield and Janelle Han also live in Perth.

Lyndall and Jesse both appear to be currently single following their time on the series.

During season 10 of MAFS Australia Lyndall was married to Cam Woods. Whilst their relationship started off on a good note, by the time it came the final vow ceremony, the pair had had numerous fallings out over differences in opinion in levels of affection and deciding on where they should live. At the final vow ceremony Lyndall told Cam she no longer wanted to be with him, saying she wanted to a build life she was proud of, which didn't include Cam.

Jesse also went through his own struggles during the MAFS Australia experiment, whilst married to Claire Nomarhas. They got on well at their wedding, but Jesse soon started to develop the "ick" over Claire's love of crystals.

Their relationship worsened over their honeymoon when Jesse told Claire to "shush" at one point. Upon returning to Sydney the pair struggled after Claire revealed she had kissed fellow groom Adam on a night out.

Whilst they attempted to make their relationship work, Jesse ultimatley couldn't overcome Claire's kiss and the pair broke up during one of the final commitment ceremonies.

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