MAFS bride's word of warning: 'The most dramatic season that you'll ever watch'

"I feel like, after watching it last night that, you know, there were red flags with Ben."

Last night's episode of Married At First Sight saw nurse Ellie Dix get married to tour guide Ben Walters and while the two seemed pretty happy to see each other at the end of the aisle, Ellie's cousin Jordan had his reservations.

With Ben an avid traveller with nearly two decades of being a tour guide under his belt, as well as working as a podcaster on the side, Jordan questioned if Ben's intention to come on the reality series was really about love or boosting his profile.

In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, we asked Ellie about whether she thinks you can go on a show like MAFS for love as well as fame... and while she kept her cards to her chest, she did reveal some interesting details that could allude to her and Ben's journey to come.

"I feel like, after watching it last night that, you know, there were red flags with Ben. It was interesting to watch it back. And I think maybe he was there for both reasons," she said.

"Without saying too much. I feel like Ben really didn't let his walls down completely."

'Most dramatic season'

Ellie and Ben and Ellie's cousin Jordan on MAFS
Ellie and Ben and Ellie's cousin Jordan. Photo: Nine

Of course, Ellie can't give away the storylines to come, but she did tease that the upcoming dinner parties were set to bring the drama: perhaps even the most explosive drama we've seen yet on a series.

"The dinner parties were absolutely intense, it's just drama central. I think this is going to be the most dramatic season that you'll ever watch," she said.


Describing her approach to love and finding a connection, Ellie said she came in with the mentality to 'dive straight in'.

"I knew it was going to be fast-tracked and I also wanted the best chance of finding someone. I didn't want to hide behind a facade," she shared. "I watched earlier seasons and I watched the last season [of MAFS]. But I think I went in a little bit naive. I was really invested in finding true love... I was definitely the most naive on the show."

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