MAFS' Cass has poked fun at her 'feud' with co-star Sara

There's not much love lost between the 2024 MAFS brides.

There's no love lost between MAFS' Cass and Sara. Photo: Nine/TikTok
There's no love lost between MAFS' Cass and Sara. Photo: Nine/TikTok

The Married At First Sight stars have their social media accounts back and you better believe they're making the most of their newfound freedom again, conversing with fans and publicly speaking about their time on the show.

Yesterday, Sara Mesa did an Instagram AMA where she addressed her "feud" with Cassandra Allen, saying she was "confused" and had "no qualms" about Cass.

"I'm actually so confused about this feud. The show was filmed a year ago. I have zero qualms with Cassandra," Sara wrote. "She has her opinion of me and that's totally fine. I'm moving on with my life and I hope everyone on the show can just focus on themselves and do the same."

Cass grills Sara during MAFS reunion
Cass wasn't scared to tell Sara how she really felt during the MAFS finale. Photo: Nine

On the show, Sara and Cass seemed to clash with Cass labelling Sara fake during the reunion episode, but for viewers, a lot of context was removed, so we never really found out what happened between the two of them. And while it's obvious the two are not friends, Cass has uploaded a cryptic TikTok where she seems to address the personality clash with Sara.


Thanking fans for their support, the video takes on a different angle as Cass' friend tells her that the thank you speech is "boring" and that "they want to know all the stuff you have to say about you know who".

“I don’t want to talk about you know who!” Cass then replied to her friend, as her friend says, "Just say something nice!"

The comments were flooded with fans asking questions, which Cass was happy to respond to.


"Do you actually mean those things you said to Sara? Or did MAFS make you say those things!?" one person asked. "Oh everyone says what they mean and they mean what they say," Cass replied.

"Speak your truuuth sis," another fan said, with Cass replying, "Once I start I can’t stop."

"Lmao," fellow MAFS star Michael Felix commented.

So while we still don't know ALL of the juicy deets, it's safe to say it may only be a matter of time...

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