MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Jack's surprise move towards 'secret' ex after dinner party

An insider reveals the MAFS groom reached out to his ex.

The first MAFS dinner party for 2024 was certainly an explosive one, with accusations Jack Dunkley dumped his long-term girlfriend just weeks before filming his wedding, with the cast finding out after reading the story online before attending the party.

The post in question was first published by The Wash Online and Yahoo Lifestyle on August 6, two days before the cast filmed the first dinner party, and contained quotes from Brisbane-based Courtney Jade, who made the accusations about Jack.

MAFS' Jack Dunkley
The first MAFS dinner party centred around Jack Dunkley dumping his long-term girlfriend before going on the show. Photo: Nine

"I was dating him this year, and he broke up with me a week after I had [flown] to Melbourne, met all his family, and he said he loves me. He told me he was moving to America for 'work opportunities'," Courtney said, explaining they broke up "at the start of July" - before he filmed his TV wedding to Tori on July 28, four weeks later.


During the dinner party, Jack claimed his ex "fell harder" for him than he did for her, saying she had "thrown me under the bus".

"I tried to end it, this girl blew my phone up, the next week she rocked up at my workplace… I told her I had business to do, I did tell her I was going to go to America for a month," he said, denying he did wrong by his former partner.

MAFS' Jack with his ex Courtney
Brisbane-based Courtney, was left in complete disbelief when she realised her ex was one of the new grooms on the new season of MAFS. Photo: Supplied

However, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that Jack seemingly regretted playing down the story on the show and later realised how his actions had hurt Courtney.

"Once filming had wrapped and he'd reflected on it, Jack reached out to Courtney, apologised and gave her a heads up this would all be airing on the show and repeatedly brought up throughout the season," an insider says.

"When confronted by the cast, Jack got defensive by default, but once he realised how this would impact Courtney, he wanted to reach out. It was all too little, too late for Courtney though, who doesn't want to speak to him and is apprehensive about being dragged into his storylines."

Jack's ex issues statement

Last week, as this year's season started, Courtney shared a statement on Instagram, revealing that she's been seeing a therapist to deal with the fallout of the situation with Jack.

Jack's ex put out this statement last week. Photo:
Jack's ex put out this statement last week. Photo:

"I hope everyone gets some sickening entertainment out of my horrid breakup," she wrote. "I have been seeing a therapist and have been medicated due to the disgusting trauma I have experienced and would like to be left alone to heal.


"It's one thing to go through a breakup, but it's another thing to have to relive it on nationwide TV and talk about it," she continued.

"Enjoy watching the fame-hungry humans that ruin lives and create nothing but pain. I am embarrassed by the world we live in and am absolutely mortified by my experience."

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