MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Truth about 'sexting' scandal between Cam and Tayla

The key members involved in the scandal have all spoken out.

A 'sexting' scandal between Cam Woods and Tayla Winter is set to be exposed during Sunday night’s highly-anticipated Married At First Sight reunion dinner party.

Promos for the explosive episode tease Lyndall Grace, who ended things with Cam at the final vows, confronting the pair and suggesting they cheated behind her back.

MAFS’ Cam Woods and Tayla Winter.
MAFS’ final dinner party will see Cam Woods and Tayla Winter’s ‘sexting’ scandal exposed. Photos: Channel Nine

However, both Tayla and Cam have revealed in recent interviews that the 'scandal' is simply referring to one drunken FaceTime call after filming wrapped - where Cam flashed his penis to Tayla after she dared him to.

The 27-year-old Tasmanian-based nurse told The Kyle & Jackie O Show in March that Cam is “a loose cannon” and he “doesn’t really care too much about getting his ‘thing’ out”.

“I didn't return the favour, it was quite one-sided,” she detailed. “I wasn't the one person who saw it that night. He was in a night club so I think everyone got a bit of a show. He was really drunk, and I was drinking with all of my friends as well. It just happened.


“I think he said, ‘Do you want me to get it out?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I dare you to’. I didn’t think he actually would.”

Tayla added that she and Cam have “never hooked up” and they are just “really good friends”.

MAFS’ Tayla Winter.
Tayla asserted that she and Cam are just ‘really good friends’. Photo: Channel Nine

'Flirty texts'

Cam also spoke about the scandal on the KIIS breakfast show last month, asserting that there’s “nothing there” between himself and Tayla.

“That FaceTime call... It was just me full of piss and it's a little signature move that I do that gets me in a bit of trouble,” he said. “That FaceTime happened after the final vows and before the reunion was filmed.”

Meanwhile, a source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the pair “continued sharing flirty texts for several weeks” but things fizzled out when the show started airing at the end of January.

The source adds: “If they didn't live so far apart with Tayla in Tassie and Cam in the NT they definitely would have given things a go and explored their connection.”

Cam and Lyndall at the commitment ceremony.
Lyndall said she was ‘confused’ and ‘let down’ when she found out about the scandal. Photo: Channel Nine

Lyndall speaks out about the scandal

This comes after Lyndall spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about the ‘sexting’ scandal and revealed she was sent “into an absolute spiral” when she first found out about it.

“Everything that I’d known about our relationship and processed after final vows about him not really wanting a relationship and him just kind of checking out, all those things that I finally made peace with completely unravelled,” she shared.

“It was very, very hurtful to hear and it makes you second guess your whole relationship and the whole way that it all fell apart and the reasons why.”


Lyndall went on to say that she feels “confused” and “let down” by Cam, even though he pursued the relationship with Tayla after they had called it quits.

“I don't think Cam ever outright lied to me, but I think that he was a little bit deceitful and did come up with a few excuses,” she remarked.

“The biggest thing really for me is like, I thought you were meant to be out working remote with no signal, yet you can FaceTime Tayla and you can exchange texts with the boys. Like, how much of this was actually true at all?”

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